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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Which stocks will benefit with lots of new housing expected to be built and What other stocks will benefit from the budget?. Which stocks can possibly hurt.
Read Answer Asked by Nizar on April 23, 2024
Q: Found this tiny REIT that has a portfolio of multi-family properties in Winnipeg. They trade at a significant discount to NAV; however, the debt is high and it is VERY illiquid primarily because there are a very low number of equity units O/S.

The Company is externally managed with a management agreement that pays fairly high fees.

Is this one worth the risk?

Read Answer Asked by Brad on March 20, 2024
Q: I am looking for other canadian residential reits to buy with my funds from selling TCN. I think with interest rates topping out and very possibly declining later this year, reits are a very good, safe place to invest. Can you suggest any other canadian residential reits that have good upside from here and give a decent dividend? I am thinking of ERE as well as HOM. Any comments?
Read Answer Asked by arnold on January 25, 2024
Q: Regarding responses to questions on where to redeploy funds from Tricon, I did not see any reference to InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust. I already own Dream Industrial and plan to add, but to maintain exposure to residential real estate, does it also make sense to add to IIP.UN? Why or why not?
Read Answer Asked by Barbara on January 23, 2024
Q: I was looking to sell CSH.UN and buy either CAR.UN or IIP.UN because of its high payout ratio but I didn't because it started showing momentum. I recently heard on BNN that most reits have a high payout ratio so I wondered if I am being overly cautious.

Can I get your opinion on CSH.UN. should I be concerned about its high payout ratio? Would you sell it and buy one of the other reits.
I own all 3.
Read Answer Asked by Mary on December 19, 2023
Q: Good morning - if indeed we are approaching a pivot in the market, which REIT' are most attractive to you these days. I have done well with DIR.UN but it's my sole real estate holding. Time to add more of the sector? Thanks for everything and best wishes of the season to all you good people at 5i. I have. seriously benefitted from your service over the past four years.
Read Answer Asked by alex on December 12, 2023
Q: Looking to take tax losses and not sure which to pick ? Some of them I can sell and not rebuy ? Please rate them as sell, hold, sell and rebuy. Thanks guys.
Read Answer Asked by Frank on November 02, 2023
Q: I'm not sure if I should take comfort in the fact that you still have ZRE in the portfolio or not, the last little while has been rough. If you were putting new money into the sector under current conditions would you stick with the equal weight ETF approach or would you just choose a couple of your favourite individual stocks like DIR and/or CAR (or perhaps another ETF that is not equal weight)?
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on September 26, 2023
Q: TCN ( down 40%) , SGR.U ( down 17% ) IIP.UN (down 25% )
Looking at possibly selling these losers . Your opinion sell or hold ? If I do sell, what safe dividend paying stock would you suggest for a hold
Read Answer Asked by Frank on August 28, 2023
Q: Further to Kel's July 24th question and your reply re: capital appreciation in the Real Estate sector. You listed 4 favourite Reits - any preference in ranking ? Would you consider the addition of REAL to be a good move ?
Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on July 28, 2023
Q: Thank you for your market update. Following on your comment that real estate sector will play catchup 2H23, what are your best suggestions for capital appreciation? Also what is the rationale - debt/mortgage rates up, not a drain on
Read Answer Asked by Kel on July 24, 2023
Q: Good morning 5i, I'm looking to top up the following stocks in my portfolio. Can you rank them by timely buys first ( always looking for a deal) while being cognizant of dividends and growth. Your help is much appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 22, 2023
Q: Assumption: With 2 years interest rates will begin to go down.

A. you comment on interest rates

B.What Reits do you recommendation now and if interest rates go down

C. recommendation for income careful investor
Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on June 09, 2023
Q: Your thoughts on H & R as a long term hold for income, thanks
Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 02, 2023
Q: I am considering adding this stock to my portfolio in a size that would be about 3% of the total. I have not held and real estate for a while and this would be a first step back into that segment. Your views on Granite please and what are 3 other real estate alternatives and how do you rank them vs Granite. Take as many question credits as appropriate.
Read Answer Asked by JAMES on April 25, 2023
Q: I am considering adding some real estate to my portfolio. I expect interest rates to remain relatively steady or drop slightly over the next two years. Do you think now is a good time to purchase a REIT or is there more potential downside as the interest rates on their debt resets higher as the debt matures? I am specifically looking at residential real estate companies. Of the above companies which one or two do you prefer and why? Is there a real estate sector you would prefer over residential?
Read Answer Asked by Wendyl on April 20, 2023