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Q: Have held 1000 units of NWH.UN in non-RSP account since 2015 and the ROC is now about 1/3 of what I paid for it. Confused about ROC and how it helps me but I do understand the lowering of the cost base when units are disposed of. Faithfully track all ROC’s for all units held including SPB. I don’t depend on the income from the portfolio but I am in a 43 % marginal tax bracket as a retiree. So when do I dispose of NWH.UN?
Your Q&A database says that NWH.UN is small, has wide geo distribution and not much growth, the distribution is safe but amount is only so so. However, there is a lot of ROC. In this down market, my 2 other similar amount of REs are down also (CSH.UN and SIA, 35 and 44% respectively). Also, have similar amount of AD that is down 52%. I am about “even” on my gains and tax loss sales so far for 2020 taken early in January but could use some carry-back for last year’s gains. Thinking of a trade of selling NWH and AD and perhaps CSH and SIA, waiting the 30 days before buying AD back unless you could suggest a suitable alternative proxy for the interim (or just buy CAR.UN instead all in non-RSP). Or would best option be to let it simmer and revisit during tax loss season to see if any of these have sufficiently rebounded? Have I missed something? Maybe the best decisions taken are those decisions that did not have to be taken.

Read Answer Asked by William on May 26, 2020

Q: Morning 5i,

Top 2 REIT's you'd chose longterm in CAN and US to invest in the current climate.
Thanks again!!!

Read Answer Asked by Adam on May 20, 2020
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