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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi,
What 5 or 6 uncorrelated Canadian companies & REITS would you pick for a "HIGH YIELD" portfolio for SAFE INCOME?


Read Answer Asked by Carlo on June 10, 2022

Q: I am thinking of harvesting a tax loss in CAR.UN. Had bought this to protect against, or just dampen, the abrasive effect of inflation. I do not need a loss for tax year 2022 so it would be for use in some future year. I could use the proceeds to buy a different REIT , as a possible (probable?) protection against inflation.
1- Am I correct about REITs being a probable protection against inflation?
2- Although interest rates will be higher going forward, I assume inflation also dampens effect of debt. Is this in fact true?
3-Would you suggest an industrial REIT over a residential? Please suggest names you favor. I like ones that are inter-listed as I have only US$. ( TCN, Granite GRP in the US and others). But ones listed in Canada only are also just fine.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 09, 2022

Q: What are your thoughts on this company? To quote "FCR remains one of a small number of REITs trading at meaningful valuation discounts versus pre-pandemic (P/NAV 74% versus 86%, P/AFFO 16.0x versus 20.0x)" I understand its debt is high but has been reducing it aggressively pre pandemic.
I know you like GRT.UN and CAR.UN, wondering where FCR ranks in relation to these 2.

Read Answer Asked by John on March 24, 2022

Q: Would you please rank these 12 REITs for future growth prospects, where 10 is the best prospects & 1 the worst. Also would please indicate what REIT assets contribute to future growth & those REIT assets that have very little future growth. Thanks ... Cal

Read Answer Asked by cal on March 23, 2022

Q: I have not seen any questions on Starwood for a while. It has a good yield. Is it a buy at these levels?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on March 04, 2022

Q: Hi 5i Team - Could you provide two or three top picks in each of the following sectors: Real Estate, Consumer Staples, Financial, Industrial. Any market cap is fine but with a focus on mid cap. Also with a focus on Canadian Equities.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on February 23, 2022

Q: Hi group - I am a medium risk investor - Can you please give me your top picks + % weighting in the top sectors - Financial, Industrials, Materials , Energy, Health care , real estate, Tech Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on February 14, 2022

Q: What's the main reason why some of the REITs that did well in 2021 are doing so poorly heading into 2022? I own DIR.UN, GRT.UN and SMU.UN and all three are down quite a bit so far into the new year. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Victor on February 09, 2022

Q: I want to add funds to my real estate holdings, as well as refine it for maximum sector diversification.

My current holdings are DIR.UN, EQIX, DLR, CAR.UN, GRT.UN

On my watchlist for this sector are TCN and CCI

Can I get your opinion on:

1) Are there any redundancies in my current holdings and if so, what could be sold?

2) Could you rank my current holdings for which to add to - first to last?

3) For proper sector diversification, would TCN and/or CCI be good additions? Or is there another real estate name you would suggest?

Thank you as always for your sage advice!


Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 05, 2022