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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i,

This is a sector allocation question. Portfolio Analytics indicates I have about 14% allocated to Real Estate and should only have 4%. My 3 real estate holdings are DLR:US, DIR.UN:CA and GRT.UN:CA. Would you suggest selling one of these 3 or trimming a bit from each?


Read Answer Asked by ralph on September 19, 2023

Q: Interest rates likely peaking and many real estate stocks are trading at discount. I am considering adding to real estate. Would you comment on this thought and suggest a stock and index.

Read Answer Asked by joe on September 13, 2023

Q: I have owned these stocks for over 13 yrs incl. T, JNJ & IGM - added quite a while ago. The last 4 added last 2 years. Sitting on cash build up wondering what to do - ie. buy? Add to; ENB, GRT.UN, , GSY or ? I am 74 YY. I own in my RIF: ALA, FTS, RNW, RY, SLF, TD, RYNWH.UN and ETF ZHY. My Non- Registered account portfolio- first listed stocks represent, by far the largest portion of my investments.

Read Answer Asked by James on August 09, 2023

Q: Further to Kel's July 24th question and your reply re: capital appreciation in the Real Estate sector. You listed 4 favourite Reits - any preference in ranking ? Would you consider the addition of REAL to be a good move ?

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on July 28, 2023

Q: Thank you for your market update. Following on your comment that real estate sector will play catchup 2H23, what are your best suggestions for capital appreciation? Also what is the rationale - debt/mortgage rates up, not a drain on

Read Answer Asked by Kel on July 24, 2023

Q: Presently I don't hold any Reits as investments. I would like to start off by purchasing two Reits. Can you please give me your top 3 recommendations in this sector. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on July 11, 2023

Q: Looking for income from bond etfs and dividend paying stocks that will appreciate in value if interest rates have peaked and gradually fall towards 3% (i.e. those that have been hit unduly hard due to inflationary fears). Suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by John on July 06, 2023

Q: Good morning 5i, I'm looking to top up the following stocks in my portfolio. Can you rank them by timely buys first ( always looking for a deal) while being cognizant of dividends and growth. Your help is much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 22, 2023

Q: With utilities and real estate under pressure these days, can you recommend 4 choices in each sector for a conservative investor with a 10 year time line interested in income with some capital appreciation. Please include 2 ETFs and 2 companies in each sector.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on June 21, 2023

Q: Hello 5i, I am thinking of buying Granite Real State Investment Trust. Before I do so I would like your opinion on the company's debt compared to other major Canadian REITs? I am somewhat concerned about the following excerpt from the company profile "Granite derives nearly all of its revenue in the form of rental income from its properties. The company's largest tenant is Magna International, an automotive parts and systems manufacturer, which accounts for the majority of Granite's lease income." This is as if most of their income depends on Magna only, is that a concern to you? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Gervais on June 09, 2023

Q: Assumption: With 2 years interest rates will begin to go down.

A. you comment on interest rates

B.What Reits do you recommendation now and if interest rates go down

C. recommendation for income careful investor

Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on June 09, 2023

Q: PINE, excepting its relatively small size, seems to have very interesting numbers. How does it match up to such REITs as DIR.un, etc.?

Read Answer Asked by David on June 06, 2023

Q: Your thoughts on H & R as a long term hold for income, thanks

Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 02, 2023

Q: I am considering adding this stock to my portfolio in a size that would be about 3% of the total. I have not held and real estate for a while and this would be a first step back into that segment. Your views on Granite please and what are 3 other real estate alternatives and how do you rank them vs Granite. Take as many question credits as appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by JAMES on April 25, 2023

Q: I currently own both GRT.UN and KMP.UN. Would you be comfortable keeping both or would you recommend switching one or both for DIR.UN?
You guys are the best! Thanks

Read Answer Asked by ralph on March 30, 2023

Q: I have owned these stocks in my non-registered account for 12 years except ETF IGM, T, CTC.A (bought 2 yr ago - up a fair bit). T bought 5 years or so ago. GSY, MFC & GRT.UN a year ago - all 3 up nicely. I buy dividend growers for the most part. I have been retired for quite a while - so, more interested in dividend growth. Large portfolio with banks 40% of total. Do not worry about market downturns: add to positions when they go on sale -08/09 and 2020. Sitting on cash and looking to add to these positions . Do not own ENF.CA - typo. Suggestions?? IFC 5-6 years up 220% including dividends.

Read Answer Asked by James on March 10, 2023

Q: What are your thoughts on the quarter and year end results for STAG? I'm looking for the best industrial REIT values in the US and Canada right now, can you give me a couple options you like and why?

Read Answer Asked by Thomas on February 17, 2023