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Investment Q&A

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Q: I am hearing investors piling into commercial real estate. I am looking for office real estate REITs in Canada that are beaten down, will not go down but have a potential price appreciation when environment improves. I am more looking for capital appreciation and not necessarily dividend.
Read Answer Asked by Ron on February 14, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and Staff

Long time holder of NWH.UN as a small part of my REIT basket. Been thinking i woukd just hang on (in my RRSP so no tax loss benefit ) but reading more on AP.UN that I used to own and wondering if that would be a better albeit still risky option than NWH.UN going forward

Thanks for all you do
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on December 08, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,
I'm mindful of your answers to recent questions about AP.UN (lukewarm response at best) but I do wonder;
Employers are said to be insisting more and more that employees get up, get showered, get dressed and get in to work at the office.
Pre-pandemic AP.UN was in the $50.00 range, and even in the midst of COVID it didn't drop as low as it is now - presently units are selling for $20 just as they were a decade ago. If it's accurate that working from home is on downslope, is there an upside for AP.UN that's not reflected in its current price - was it worth $50/unit in early 2020, or was that unsustainable even without COVID - and do you see any scenario where it might get back to, say, 2/3rds of its early 2020 value?
And just generally speaking - do you think office REITs are out of the woods if current trends continue (and if interest rates come down over the next year or so)?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 28, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

I believe in management and the long-term prospects of AP.un, so I want to hold on long-term.

On a couple of conference calls management has indicated there will be a large taxable event for unit holders because of the data center sale. I assume this will be a capital gain which may be a ROC of just a plain taxable capital gain. In any event, would it make sense to sell my units now resulting in a large capital loss and then buy the units back after 30 days. The loss will more than offset any gain the company would declare. If itís a return on capital, I would use the loss to offset other gains in 2023. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Do you anticipate much change in the unit price over the next 45 days? What do you think of this REIT long-term (3-5 years)?

Thanks for your opinion.
Read Answer Asked by John on August 24, 2023
Q: Trying to reduce my number of stock holdings. Have identified these 11 as small positions that can be eliminated. Intending to use the cash to add to stronger holdings. I try not to think of a stock as a "hold". There are lots of high quality names you can invest in that look better than a "hold". If you were doing a portfolio clean up, and held these as roughly 1% positions, are there any that you would be reluctant to sell?
Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 15, 2023
Q: Good Morning
Today Allied announced that a buyer has been found for their Data Center after six months. A Japanese corporation will pay $1.3 billion. As well, Allied will pay to existing shareholders a special distribution. $1 billion of the proceeds will be used to reduce debt. Arenít these positive developments? I am wondering why the market is reacting negatively. Allied is down today almost 3% to a level not seen since 2008.
Can you please provide some insight ? Any estimated probability with respect to the dividend cut will be appreciated. Do you advise an income investor to hold or sell ?
Thanks for your on going support.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on June 23, 2023
Q: what am i buying when i look at these 2 reits.. slate office reit seams compeling book value good buildings ?location tenants leases ap.un looks like a solid upgrade as a investor with a lack of information and iq. can you make it clear i understand the interest rates office space just thought their might be an opportunity werea company reit is punished with mutual funds etfsselling all office reits guilty by assocition.can you please give your most under appreciated stock in mining energy reits growth thanks!
Read Answer Asked by cliff on May 18, 2023