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Investment Q&A

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Q: Good afternoon,

I know that there are diversification benefits to owning ZRE vs individual REITs in Canada. But for a 1-2% portfolio weight, I wonder if I might be better off with a name like CHP.UN purely for income given the quality of their largest tenant.

I have owned ZRE for awhile now, but have to admit to being underwhelmed by its performance.


Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Trevor on November 01, 2023
Q: I don't have any ETF's and I would like to have one of Canadian stocks and one for US stocks. What do you think of the above etf's or could you suggest another one for each of the markets.
Thank you Dorothy
Read Answer Asked by Dorothy on October 24, 2023
Q: I'm not sure if I should take comfort in the fact that you still have ZRE in the portfolio or not, the last little while has been rough. If you were putting new money into the sector under current conditions would you stick with the equal weight ETF approach or would you just choose a couple of your favourite individual stocks like DIR and/or CAR (or perhaps another ETF that is not equal weight)?
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on September 26, 2023
Q: Interest rates likely peaking and many real estate stocks are trading at discount. I am considering adding to real estate. Would you comment on this thought and suggest a stock and index.
Read Answer Asked by joe on September 13, 2023
Q: Income account needs some diversification. Was looking at REITs and pref's. In today's environment which would be your favored ETF's for income and some possible growth? Thanks Ron
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on August 22, 2023
Q: I would like to follow up on a question asked last week l, to choose between a reit etf and a utilities etf. And you advised the utility sector mapped here is better. Could you please advise on the dividend stock space in general to add in say telcos, banks, insurance and pipelines?
The broader discussion of the moment is about rates and their future path and relative value of earnings and dividends compared to t bills and low risk savings of the like.
Do you feel that any of these sectors are good buys at the moment? Could you maybe rank or group which you feel are best or just in vs out?
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 16, 2023
Q: As per your recent guidance, with interest rates plateauing, ZRE seems to be bottoming. What would be your opinion re moving some money from VFV, and putting it in ZRE. VFV has done very well and is scheduled to do well in the future. Do you recommend this kind of movement of fixed income from one group to another. Thanking you for the great guidance you have always provided.
Read Answer Asked by Vinod on July 18, 2023
Q: Hi, a few years ago I got tired of trying to pick winners in the REIT space and invested in your model portfolio choice of ZRE. I'm wondering now if some of the equal weight holdings are starting to be a drag on performance, that may continue into the medium term? The same average yield could probably be obtained with a few individual securities like CAR and DIR with maybe a better outlook for capital appreciation in that same medium term (understanding that you would be moving up the risk scale again)? Do you think you would do better as a stock picker in this space today or stick with the ETF? If the former, do you have better suggestions today than the two named? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on July 04, 2023
Q: With utilities and real estate under pressure these days, can you recommend 4 choices in each sector for a conservative investor with a 10 year time line interested in income with some capital appreciation. Please include 2 ETFs and 2 companies in each sector.
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on June 21, 2023
Q: If the scenario plays out of higher interest rates for longer; is it logical to presume Reits, and Preferreds, -both sensitive to interest rates, may continue to soften. I have been buying them as they are going down but wondering if this is a good strategy. Could you comment. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on June 20, 2023
Q: Hi,

Based on the questions pertaining to taxable dividends, and managing an income portfolio for my elderly parents, is there a substantial difference in tax treatment, if the above funds are held in a cash account? I was fortunate enough to get DIR.UN into a TFSA and am slowly moving AW into a TFSA as well. Do I take out the growthier names in the TFSA’s and move in the ETF’s or just let them go in a cash account?
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on February 06, 2023
Q: I am looking for ETFs that trade on the TSX with a yield of at least 4-5%. From the income portfolio, I see CPD (preferreds) / CVD (convertible) / XHY (US HY) / ZRE (REITs), and I am also aware of ZWU (Utilities) / ZWB (Banks).

Are there any others that don't have much overlap with the above that you would recommend?
Read Answer Asked by Alexander on January 31, 2023
Q: Would you buy any Cdn REITs at this point...and if yes, what 3 (and in what order) would you buy at current prices.? Thank you as always for your great insight.
Read Answer Asked by Douglas on January 26, 2023