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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I read an article recently that talks about the validity of ETF's. Can you make your comments about this!

Terms are that, each share of an ETF is an IOU.

As an example what happens behind the scenes when an ETF buys gold?

The actual metal purchased is stored by a custodian such as a major bank like JP Morgan or HSBC – yes, the same banks that have been investigated for silver and gold manipulation many times in the past.
But what you may not know is that the value of each share you own, or more specifically, the share-to-metal ratio, actually decreases the longer you hold it.

For example, the fund that manages the ETF must sell gold to pay for expenses, reducing the amount of gold tied to each share.
That's one of the reasons ETFs should NEVER be considered a long-term investment.
In other words, ETFs are not the way to go if you're looking to gold as a store of value or as an insurance policy against fiat currencies.

The same goes for Bitcoin ETFs.
Over time, the ETF fund will sell some of its Bitcoin to cover operating costs and management fees. As a result, an investor's unit will gradually hold a slightly smaller amount of Bitcoin than their initial purchase.

I would appreciate receiving your comments about this information!

Read Answer Asked by Terry on July 25, 2023

Q: Hi,

I have a divided the amount I set aside for Gold (long time hold as a hedge against many variables) between GLD,XGD and ZJG. But the Junior Golds cost me money! Down about 12%. On GLD and XGD I am up. Will the Juniors see the light of the day soon? Or should one wrap up th e position and move it to XGD/GLD? Or your favourite PHYS?

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on May 12, 2023

Q: Hi,
I was bit surprised by your answer to Kevin's question today about your sector preferences. You had chosen the following: XIT/XRE/XFN/XLY/XLV.

I thought given the current possible recession scenario lurking in the background and also from your own answers to others, you would have chosen XLP, soft or hard landing people need Staples to survive, XEG because of all the uncertainties, XBM/GLD as one expects demand to go up when China opens up. Plus as a hedge against the USD going down.

There must be a reason for your choice. I am curious to find what your rationale was/is.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on January 31, 2023

Q: Hi,

What the Gold miners that stand to benefit IF/WHEN the Bullion goes to 2000 and STAYS there? In other words, which companies are positively leveraged to Gold price., and amongst them which ones have the least debt?

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on January 17, 2023

Q: GLD is one of the ticker/companies that holds physical gold in the USA, are there any companies or units that do this in Canada? If there are one or more in Canada would you recommend say a 5% weight at this time? Would you hold physical gold at this time or prefer gold miners or streamers?

Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 28, 2022

Q: After too many tiresome articles in financial media, including Barrons and WSJ, that one should “always” hold gold to diversify one’s portfolio, I gave in. I do not understand gold, have no idea how to value it and I certainly have no clue what affects the value of that asset. Notwithstanding my utter ignorance, I bought GLD:US just to shut-up the pesky, nagging voices in my head. After 2 years, GLD:US has been dead money. Worse, value is down > 10.%.

I wonder: is gold in any form, such as GLD, a *MEANINGFUL* ballast (although not a counterweight or hedge), in a 95% US-equities portfolio? Would you sell and move on?

Do you *really* think it prudent to keep holding GLD? If yes, I will continue to hold—and continue to be clueless.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on February 04, 2022

Q: What are some of your top value stock and ETF picks to protect against inflation during the next 1-3 years. Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on April 29, 2021

Q: Hello,
Would appreciate your suggestions on a couple of good low fee ETF's for commodities

Read Answer Asked by Darryl on March 04, 2021

Q: Ishares US REAL ESTATE ETF (not in your data base)
can you comment on this ETF for a diversified real estate play. Do you view this as a decent entry point.
What's your view of starting a portfolio of these 5 ETFS with a 20% weighting in each, then rebalancing every year back to the original 20% weighting. Im hoping maintaining the 20% cash position will help smooth out the portfolio in these uncertain times, maybe it will outperform the more popular 60/40 portfolio.
thanks Gordie

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on October 28, 2020

Q: I bought some FNV last year and exited my position in April 2020 (too soon but still a double). I am thinking of returning to gold as I now have none (and feel uncomfortable with none).
a) Is this a decent time to return?
b) Should I return to FNV now that it has dropped back from its high?
c) Or should I choose one of GLD:US, IAU:US or SGOL:US and if so which do you prefer?
Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on October 05, 2020

Q: Looking to add to my gold exposure (currently a small position in GLD). Can you let me know your preferred choice for a:
1. Gold ETF
2. Gold Miner/Producer
3. Gold explorer
4. Gold - high risk/high opportunity
5. Gold...? something alternative here, perhaps like GoldMoney



Read Answer Asked by Cameron on August 25, 2020