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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi,

I have a divided the amount I set aside for Gold (long time hold as a hedge against many variables) between GLD,XGD and ZJG. But the Junior Golds cost me money! Down about 12%. On GLD and XGD I am up. Will the Juniors see the light of the day soon? Or should one wrap up th e position and move it to XGD/GLD? Or your favourite PHYS?
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on May 12, 2023
Q: Helping my son with his investments which are as follows: MAW 106 24%,MAW 106 20%. VUS 21%, VEF 18%, VEE 8%, ZJG 6% and XQQ 3%.Feeling there is a bit of an overlap with some of these investments eg XQQ and VUS also with MAW 150 and VEF to a degree. Any advice is welcome ,stay as is , reduce holdings or increase some..He prefers ETF's and Mutual Funds (Mawer) and is a bit risk adverse but does realize markets go up and down though and is young( mid 30's ) enough to handle declines. ! Thanks.Paul
Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 11, 2021
Q: I have an open ended time frame and $1000 which I am looking to put into the Gold mining sector. I am especially interested in Yamana Gold, but am willing to take on a fair bit of risk on something that might prove especially profitable. Any suggestions? Any risks to look out for in the near future? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by William on August 18, 2020
Q: Hello 5i,
I'm currently holding a 2.44% position in XGD etf. I would like to add 2.5% to either a junior gold etf or gold bullion CGL.C.T. My concern is has gold climbed to rapidly. Should I wait for a better entry position. If you have other gold buying suggestions or not, please add. Thank You. Walter
Read Answer Asked by Walter on July 28, 2020
Q: Hi
If someone who already has a position in Gold and wants to add to their position from 2% to 10% AT THIS STAGE of Gold's cycle,
what would you suggest? 50/50 split between Junior Golds and Senior Golds (4% each) or asymmetrical buying of more Junior Golds than Senior producers? (Say 5% and 3 %)
Risk tolerance high.
Can add in any of my portfolios.
Question # 2: To one of my previous questions, you mentioned that Big boys moving the money around is 50% of the reason why the stock market is on a tear. (I am paraphrasing your words!)
When will these big boys take a liking for Gold? And how can one identify the smart money's movement into Gold?
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on July 27, 2020
Q: am considering forming my own mid to small cap etf...
looking at a total investment of $20,000 divided equally...
would appreciate your thoughts on these companies..
if you prefer something else pls. advise...especially if it is something you strongly believe in! and if so which one would you take out.
thanks - Ed in Montreal

Read Answer Asked by ed on May 27, 2020
Q: Good Day,

Assuming that one holds the view that the junior mining space will see greater activity in the next few months/years, and assuming that you do not wish to hold individual positions, but would rather have broader exposure to the sector in general, is there any CDN vehicle other than ZJG that you would recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on October 10, 2017
Q: My question is regarding this specific ETF, ZJG. As an Index ETF it appears to be held back by the non-performers in the Index. Which 10 (or so) equities from ZJG would you recommend for an equal weight (or other weight) DYI ETF that could provide better results, assuming my assumptions are correct?
Thanks for your reply.
Read Answer Asked by Dietrich on August 10, 2016