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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: What do you think of the the Fidelity Opportunities fund? It has dominated the other Canadian equity mutual funds and ETFs in terms of performance for all time periods (it holds 15% USD so may not be a fair comparison). 2.28% MER. I'm thinking the extra MER is worth the extra cost to replace my holdings in MAW106 in my registered account. Do you agree with this switch? Which series would you purchase ? Thank-you.

Read Answer Asked by Albert on December 15, 2021

Q: Can you please comment about the Mawer funds Which are the top 3 or four? Which are better for a non-registered account, and is there one you recommend for a TFSA? I don't have a long time horizon, being 76, but am open to some risk (and reward), Is there another mutual fund company in Canada you can recommend that sells diversified holdings in Europe and the US? I'd like some holdings that aren't usually found in ETFs that are good value. Thanks for all your help.

Read Answer Asked by Elizabeth on August 18, 2021

Q: Good morning,
Although a big fan and long time holder of all Mawer equity funds in my family portfolio, I'm now looking for the second time at dumping the MAW106 as a core holding given its inability to beat its benchmark index in the last few years probably due in part to its increasing popularity and size.
Would you kindly suggest a suitable ETF and/or a mutual fund replacement for MAW 106 or should I simply add to some my other existing core ETF holdings. I currently hold XIU, XIC, XDV and XEI.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on May 11, 2021

Q: Helping my son with his investments which are as follows: MAW 106 24%,MAW 106 20%. VUS 21%, VEF 18%, VEE 8%, ZJG 6% and XQQ 3%.Feeling there is a bit of an overlap with some of these investments eg XQQ and VUS also with MAW 150 and VEF to a degree. Any advice is welcome ,stay as is , reduce holdings or increase some..He prefers ETF's and Mutual Funds (Mawer) and is a bit risk adverse but does realize markets go up and down though and is young( mid 30's ) enough to handle declines. ! Thanks.Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 11, 2021

Q: Hi Team, came across this ETF on MorningStar's site. A concentrated portfolio of 25 names. When charting against all the major Canadian etfs and MAW106, it outperforms all of them for the exception of WXM. Would this be a good candidate for my daughter's TFSAs and/or RRSPs. I thank-you in advance. Sam

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 21, 2020

Q: Awhile back you suggested the following percentages for my son's investments.IIP.UN 23%,VUS 16%,VEF 16%,VEE 10%,MAW 106 20%,MAW 150 15%.Just wondering if these percentages are still valid?If so fine, if not do you have other suggestions?Thanks.Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 24, 2020

Q: Hi Peter & Ryan, Is there any ETF'S in Canada that could replicate the above Mawer funds in performance.
Thanks, as always, for your great service

Read Answer Asked by Ivan on August 14, 2018

Q: Good morning,
A large portion of my non registered portfolio is comprised of a combination of Mawer Equity funds which over time have all performed very well.

In reviewing the annual performance of these funds, I noticed that the asset under management (AUM) for the Mawer Canadian Equity fund has grown to nearly $3B and that this fund has had difficulty beating its benchmark in the last two years.

My question is whether or not you would recommend switching to another Canadian Equity mutual fund or ETF with a lower AUM amount, lower or equal MER and better performance potential.

Thank you for your thoughts and recommendation.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on June 27, 2018

Q: Currently holding (exclusively) Mawer Canadian Equity (MAW106) in a TFSA account targeting an “all-weather” (i.e., buy-and-hold) long-term investment, to which the maximum allowable has been contributed each year including for year 2018. The appeal of this product was the low fees (for a mutual fund product) and record of long-term out-performance relative to the TSX index, though note that recent 1 and 2-year results have dipped below the TSX index, and now showing a 3-star rating on GlobeFund. Appreciate your insight on the scenario for a 10-year hold, no withdrawals, maximum annual contributions, volatility not a concern, and seeking only to maximize the available balance at the end of 10 years. Things that come to mind are: 1) Percentage to place in Canadian investments versus international markets; and 2) Where the long-term edge is in terms of relying on one or more low-cost mutual funds, or jumping into pool of ETFs, or jumping into individual stocks (and which portfolio to model). Thanks for continued great service.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 12, 2018

Q: To establish a more passive approach for my Canadian holdings I am considering investment in the following ETFs. VCN 25% (core), MAW106 25% (core). MKC 30%, and HEW the remainder. Would you consider any changes to the above selections or allocations?

Thanks to a dedicated team
Merry Christmas to all.

Read Answer Asked by Warren on December 20, 2017

Q: Hi,
I have these 4 in my RRSP and have about $26,000 in cash to invest there. What would you suggest for this money and would you suggest changing of any my current holdings. Looking at a 5 year hold. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Alan on February 24, 2017