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Q: Helping my son with his investments which are as follows: MAW 106 24%,MAW 106 20%. VUS 21%, VEF 18%, VEE 8%, ZJG 6% and XQQ 3%.Feeling there is a bit of an overlap with some of these investments eg XQQ and VUS also with MAW 150 and VEF to a degree. Any advice is welcome ,stay as is , reduce holdings or increase some..He prefers ETF's and Mutual Funds (Mawer) and is a bit risk adverse but does realize markets go up and down though and is young( mid 30's ) enough to handle declines. ! Thanks.Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 11, 2021

Q: I have an open ended time frame and $1000 which I am looking to put into the Gold mining sector. I am especially interested in Yamana Gold, but am willing to take on a fair bit of risk on something that might prove especially profitable. Any suggestions? Any risks to look out for in the near future? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by William on August 18, 2020
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