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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Is there any particular reason why the miners are doing so poorly against the price of gold? Is this a buying opportunity or is the market anticipating a downturn in gold prices? Would you prefer buying the metal (eg. GLD) or the miners (eg. AEM, ABX, BTO)?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on August 10, 2023

Q: Peter,

There seems to be some love returning to the beleagured Canadian small/micro cap stocks. Given how much they have declined, it looks like there is decent upside if the recovery continues.

On this note, do you see STC as a name that has not yet joined the party (with PAY, NVEI, LSPD, DTOL, DCBO, etc., already on the move) and has some decent potential here?

What would be your top three picks in this space at this time?

Thanks for your outstanding service,


Read Answer Asked by David on July 21, 2023

Q: For a RRIF withdrawal, I'm thinking of switching either FSZ, NWH or BTO (all of which are down) to a TFSA .

Which of these do you think has more upside potential?

Read Answer Asked by Valerie on May 25, 2023

Q: Hello Gentlemen

I am quite bullish on gold over the next while. I own AEM which is up 23 % KRR which is up 38% and KNT which, believe it or not is down 5%.

My question is should I continue to hold KNT which has proven to be a real laggard in the space and whose price is down over the past year despite the metal surging.

If you think I should hold on to it please tell me why. If you think there are better options with better upside please let me know in priority of how strong you feel.



Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on April 13, 2023

Q: I hold YRI in my TFSA a/c and it has done well. It is now to be acquired by major Gold co. offering some cash and fractions of shares. I find it a problem to carry a few shares here and there. I am thinking of selling YRI and buying B2B to maintain my position in gold. Please advise if there are junior gold co. better than B2B.

Read Answer Asked by Ritwik on March 30, 2023

Q: Thinking that gold may offer some upside in these uncertain times. Can you provide some EFT suggestions as well as a couple gold companies which you might consider investable.

Read Answer Asked by Colleen on March 20, 2023

Q: Team,

Would you kindly give us your best counsel on the three top Gold and Silver Mining Companies in the next 10 years (producing Companies--no speculation)?

This is an impossible request to answer correctly.

Do your best without a crystal ball.



Read Answer Asked by Joseph on March 08, 2023

Q: Thanks for answereing my question on AEM. I share your negativity towards this report.

Do you still like gold representation in the portfolio given whats happening to interest rates, the US $ etc.

If yes, what would you replace AEM with in the portfolio. My intent will be to sell it today.



Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on February 17, 2023

Q: Please comment on the SBB takeover by BTO. The large sell off implies the market did not like the deal. Is this a good long term deal that will provide value to BTO or did they over pay. Perhaps investors are expecting that there are hidden issues with the mine and that BTO will end up spending more to develop the permitted mine. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on February 14, 2023

Q: In the gold sector what stocks would you recommend in the small to mid cap size over medium to long range?. Same question for copper?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Mark on February 08, 2023

Q: I'm interested in re-entering the gold mining market with central banks around the world are starting to increase their gold reserves. I used own these three names - YRI, BTO, and FNV - in the past. I'm surprised that all three are now dividend payers!

Would you be interested in these three names again at this juncture? Kindly rank them in the order of preference and also please add if there are other gold miner names that I should consider (regardless of yield).


Read Answer Asked by Victor on January 20, 2023

Q: Considering a tax loss sale of mmx, ecn and well. Looking for suggestions of proxies. Would bto work for mmx? For other two would waiting 30 days work any better than a proxy?

Read Answer Asked by William Ross on November 03, 2022