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Q: Hi 5i,
Thanks for the great work. Iím looking at the precious metal component of my portfolio for tax loss selling opportunities. Can I please ask you opinion on these 5x companies?

Read Answer Asked by Greg on December 06, 2022

Q: I have these names as part of my materials sector. Do you think this is a good diversified mix of companies for long term growth? I was thinking of adding in TECK. Would you add TECK to this group or swap one of the names out for TECK? If you had to consolidate to just 3 names, which ones would you pick?

AEM - 1.98%
MEOH - 0.85%
LUN - 0.68%
NTR - 1.27%

Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 02, 2022

Q: I had a thesis about Gold and purchased these 3 stocks. My thesis did not pan out, so to speak, and I wish to do some tax harvesting. I am inclined to continue to hold some Gold but wonder what your current thoughts are about the sector? Also, if you were me and wanted to stay in the sector, can you suggest some proxies to hold upon the harvest. FYI, I have a small position in Teck. Last, can you indicate which of the 3 holdings you might see as worthy of getting back into. Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on November 21, 2022
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