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Q: Hello, About ten days ago, shortly after the merger news, 5i was indifferent between the two stocks. Is this still the case, or do you have a preference?

Secondly, if you choose AEM, I already hold it at a 30% loss, but continue to like it, more so after the news. My crystalized cap gains for the year and scant available losses(kudos to 5i for their part in that) have me considering buying KL and selling AEM. Do you see any timing or other issues with that approach from an investment point of view? If so, would you advise to stick to the traditional sell AEM and buy back 30 days later approach if still liking it?

Read Answer Asked by Tim on October 08, 2021

Q: How should one adapt their portfolio in the face of higher inflation risk that is often mentioned of late?

Do you have any thoughts on this risk?
General portfolio strategy? …ie more materials
Do you have any specific suggestions ie an ETF or a company?


Read Answer Asked by Simon on October 05, 2021

Q: What are your top Canadian and US investment ideas foe times of rising inflation?

Read Answer Asked by Serei on October 04, 2021
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