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Review of Lightspeed POS Inc

MAR 01, 2021 - We think the management, growth prospects, financial position, and recurring nature of business will continue to support long term share growth for investors. However, given the risks to the valuation we are downgrading LSPD one notch to B.

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Q: I own these stocks as part of my technology sector. Do you see any overlap in any of these names? Particularly between SHOP, LSPD and NVEI, or are they different enough to own all? Also if you were to choose to high grade 1-2 names, what would you choose if any? Thanks!

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Q: With free cash flow and/or sufficient ready liquid cash on hand and a healthy prospective new business list in the hopper, in which order would you liquidate. Obviously the weakest one being the 1st to go.


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Q: In todays market. Please rank these, with brief reasoning. As always. Thank you.

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