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Review of Lightspeed Commerce Inc.

JAN 10, 2023 - LSPD has solidified its position in the hospitality Point of Sale industry and has shown an ability to grow sales at a rapid pace. Sales are expected to continue to grow at a fast pace, however, the company faces the challenge of achieving and maintaining profitability. As such, we are downgrading LSPD by a notch to 'B-'.

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Q: HI folks
Sadly, I am down on all of these somewhere between 60 to 95%!!! They mostly but not all started out as somewhat small positions 2 to 4 years ago! I have time to wait longer but: 1)are there any that are absolute failures and therefore should be sold. 2) Would you please rate the selIs from 1 to 10 ..10 being the absolute SELL. 3)How many years should I give these? (tough to answer but just a guess). I will not get much at all for any of them! Please take as many credits as you see fit.
Much Thanks and happy Family weekend
Read Answer Asked by El-ann on February 21, 2024
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