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Review of Lightspeed POS Inc

MAR 01, 2021 - We think the management, growth prospects, financial position, and recurring nature of business will continue to support long term share growth for investors. However, given the risks to the valuation we are downgrading LSPD one notch to ĎBí.

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Q: Everyone, I never believed the multiple at $160 per share and I donít believe the multiple at $25 per share. What is the appropriate multiple for today and one year from today. I have held the stock since the summer of 2019 and I have added many times since. I believe the strategic plan the company has changed for the better, with added features to the software. Clayton

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Q: I have an interesting question regarding value vs growth. I don't have exposure to MSFT and still feel bad for not having bought it in the 2009 crash. With a 5 year time frame please rank the above from top stock to least stock performance (prediction, prediction). If you were to sell one of the above to buy MSFT which would it be?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Yves on July 04, 2022
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