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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, which would you sell between lspd, engh, sis and sangoma to buy some lumina shares for more growth long term ? The transactions would be in a RRSP. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by jean on September 21, 2023

Q: I have held SIS for a number of years and although I have enjoyed the dividend, the share price never seems to hold its momentum and drifts back to the low/mid teens where I bought it. I like the dividends but value total return more. I have never owned WELL but have followed it based on your recommendation. Can you rank the two and provide a short explanation as to your preference on the following metrics: 1) Management 2) Balance Sheet 3) Profitability 4) Long Term (5-10 yr) Return Potential and 5) Risk

I would prefer to hold just one of them.

Secondly, what is your analysis of CXI's quarter.

Many Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Scott on September 15, 2023

Q: Of these six industrial holdings, which three or four would be your favourites? (I focus mainly on the Balanced Portfolio.)

Thanks for all your insightful advice!

Read Answer Asked by Jim on September 13, 2023

Q: Iím looking at your recent comments that SIS still has good long term prospects in spite of their new issue to pay off debts. Having looked at their 7% drop I was thinking about adding to my position, but I see it is still selling at 25x earnings!
Do you think this price is justified? And would you expect there to be more price volatility up or down in the near future, ie meriting holding on for more price correction?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 07, 2023

Q: I own MTL and CN and done well. Any other similar companies I could add (with decent div. )

Read Answer Asked by Ken on August 01, 2023

Q: Hi 5i
I got to the party late on CCL.B (avg. cost $65) and PBH (avg cost $120). SIS did well at first (avg cost $8). You have all 3 as B+. Over the last 5years none of the 3 has done much. Would appreciate your thoughts on why to continue to hold and any catalyst that could get them going.
Thanks, Greg

Read Answer Asked by Greg on June 07, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
Thanks for all the great work you do.
What are your 5 best overall small cap ideas right now and 5 best small cap value ideas ?
Thanks so much,

Read Answer Asked by Murray on May 11, 2023

Q: Hi guys,

I would like to add the above companies into my portfolio (balance portfolio), please rank them. (must have to steady eddie)



Read Answer Asked by jim on April 26, 2023

Q: I have a 2% position (of overall portfolio) in Savaria, and up until I looked up its sector classsification, I had considered it to be in the healthcare space, given it is in the business of improving accessibility for those who are physically challenged. As per the Yahoo! Finance portal, Savaria is listed as an industrial company. This investment is held in a RRSP account, so capital gains taxes are not a concern.

My questions are as follows:

- Is it reasonable for me to continue considering this as a healthcare investment, due to its target consumer base?

- Using a long-term (at least five years or longer) time horizon, would you be able to name any other potential companies of interest in the healthcare sector in both the Canadian and US spaces which I could target as potential replacements? The availability of a dividend from a replacement investment would not be a requirement for consideration for me: I am primarily concerned with total return over a longer time horizon.

- Of these companies, would any of them serve as probabilistically (given there are no guarantees in investing) better investment vehicles given the time horizon I have provided?

As always, I appreciate your time, and I look forward to reading your response. Thanks so much!

Read Answer Asked by Domenic on April 04, 2023