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Q: I own Premium would like to possible do one of two things add more to it or consider maple. How would you rate these two companies and where would you put your money. also open to another similar company should if you recommend one, u.s. or cdn. Thank you. Maureen

Read Answer Asked by maureen on September 21, 2018

Q: Hi guys,
I hold one ETF and a mix of equities (selected from your portfolios) in my TFSA, with the following weightings:
COV 5.48
CSU 6.70
GSY 5.42
KXS 4.93
PBH 4.26
PHO 4.50
SHOP 7.57
SIS 6.59
TOY 6.05
TSGI 5.63
VUN 30.35
WEED 12.51
Everything is up from initial purchase (many thanks) but some have grown much faster than others. I am considering rebalancing and/or adding a new position. Is there a notable position that you would add/remove (e.g, VUN in exchange for equities)? I have VXC and VCN in my RRSP so maybe VUN is better located in there.
Thanks for the amazing service and knowledge base that 5i provides.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on September 20, 2018
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