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Q: I am a retired, conservative, dividend income investor with a company pension, CPP and 30% fixed income (annuities, Fisgard Capital) and equities comprised of 15% MFs, 15% ETFs (ZLB, ZWC, ZWE, XIT) and 40% mostly blue chip stocks (BCE, BNS, RY, TRP, ECI, FTS, ALA, CGX, AQN, AD, NFI, CSH, PBH, ABT, etc).

I have owned PBH since $17 (now $103) and have trimmed it 14 times! It is still a full position. When I compare it to NWC, NWC's metrics indicate much better value (P/E, P/BV, P/CF, P/S, Beta), not to mention a 4.4% dividend vs PBH's at 1.6%. However, PBH has demonstrated incredible growth so far. So, I thought about swapping out of PBH and into NWC...simple, right? To get the same annual dividend, I'd only need to deploy 1/3 of the capital. Nope...massive capital gain!

I know there is no escaping the tax man. Any suggestions...aside from being more aggressive in reducing my PBH position over the next few years, while building a NWC position? Thanks...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 19, 2018

Q: Can you recommend you top five growth stocks for my TFSA. I would like to take full advantage of tax free growth in this account. Rest of my portfolio is well balanced in my other registered and non-registered accounts. Time frame is 5 to 10 years.

Read Answer Asked by Vineet on January 15, 2018

Q: Good afternoon,

I have enough money to add a 5% position in one of the above companies. I know you like them all. Is there a particular one that jumps out at you at today's levels that you may consider a buy above the others? Growth being the main consideration, to be held inside a TFSA. Thanks for the great service. - Jeff

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on January 16, 2018
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