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Review of Premium Brands Holdings

APR 23, 2020 - While PBH is not immune to the COVID-19 crisis, the nature of the company offers a bit more stability and a defensive exposure for investors. Expansion into the US is also a positive sign. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: SIS, PHB, PHO have all been pushed below the 1% weighting mark in my portfolio. This is due partly to starting the positions back when when my portfolio was smaller, the stocks not performing great and because other holdings (KXS!!!) have done extremely well. What 2 positions would you sell here to add to the remaining position? I'm leaning towards keeping PHO because of the balance sheet but wanted your thoughts.


Read Answer Asked by Dennis on July 09, 2020

Q: Hi Peter and team,

Looking for some recommendations. $30,000 to invest in a TFSA. Low-risk. 3-5 companies with dividends. The timeframe is three years. What would you recommend? Would you be okay with CSU, NPI, and PBH?

Thank you very much,

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on July 07, 2020

Q: Pbh : hello 5i Research team, Could you describe the significant differences (I presume) between pbh « premium food distribution » and Colabor whole food distribution operations? Why are the faith of both companies so different? Thank you for your collaboration, Eric

Read Answer Asked by Eric on June 30, 2020
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