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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Peter,Ryan and 5i team,
Our grandsonís RESP ( age 7) is overweight in technology having Descarte and Kinaxis. Both have done very well, Do you think it is time to rebalance or continue holding. Which company in your opinion should we sell if any.
If we sell, we would like to add another holding. Please suggest a couple of names that would round out his portfolio.
Thank you as always and enjoy the summer.

Read Answer Asked by john on July 09, 2021

Q: Hello,
I wish to bring up some percentage allocation in one or two of the above companies from the balanced portfolio and was wondering how you would rate them for (1) growth and (2) safety over next, say three years. Thanks for your great service!

Read Answer Asked by jeff on June 30, 2021

Q: Good morning. Watching Saputo ease after recent annual reporting. Encouraging that there didn't appear to be much news slippage prior to the release.

Interested to know what the current forward p/e estimates are for some of the consumer defensive names including SAP, L, WN, PBH, HLF and MFI.

Also could you please rank in terms of estimated dividend growth going forward - best to least.

Thanks so much!

Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 09, 2021

Q: As I write this, Friday mid afternoon, all of the markets are sharply higher. Gains seem to be pretty much across the board. I like to look at outliers that are bucking the trend. There are a few stocks that you have been optimistic about that are actually down today. Wondering if any of these are not as favoured by the market, given their performance today. Perhaps issues with recent results. Understanding that you can't read too much into one day's trading, but several of these have dropped quite a bit lately, and I'm wondering what your current feelings would be on buying these today for a long term hold in a diversified portfolio. Would you give each a rating from 1 to 10 as to how strongly you would want each of these in a portfolio? BYD, CSU, CTS, DOO, DND, ENGH, LNF, PBH, REAL, STC.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on May 17, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team,

According to portfolio analytics, I am underweight in Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary as well as US exposure. I am a growth investor with a long-term horizon. This is for a TFSA.

In Consumer Staples I hold ATD.B and PBH and was thinking of adding COST.US.

In Consumer Discretionary I have ATZ, BOYD, DOO, LULU.US and was thinking of adding MG and possibly LNF.

Could you suggest some Canadian and US names for both Staples and Discretionary that would compliment my existing holdings?

Thanks for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on May 03, 2021

Q: I want to buy positions in these companies in my unregistered account. Could you put them in order to purchase based on market economy timing, if possible. And in my TFSA I'd like to purchase ECN, LGO, ATS--any thoughts on sequence and timing of purchase? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on April 21, 2021

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I own the following Cons Staples = NWC, PBH, PLC, as well as I am building a Cons Discretionary position in Leon's.

I am looking for another Disc stock. I remember seeing a related question on this a few days ago, but couldn't find it. What are your favorites right now for me to do further research on? I must admit I lean towards value stocks, as I have difficulty in buying something that has already had a good run.

Could you give me 3 Discretionary names on the conservative side and 3 on the more aggressive speculative names. If we can't find a suitable Discretionary stock, I might add another Staple name, like possibly ADW (it is listed as a Staple, which is absolutely true in our household, but it could be Discretionary...compared with food). Could you therefore give me 3 Staple names that might fit well with my existing Consumer holdings? So, I need 9 names, if possible. The cash available is in my TFSA, so while a dividend is nice it is not imperative.

Thanks for your help...much appreciated...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 01, 2021

Q: What are your suggestions for US and CDN Consumer Defensive at this time?.

Read Answer Asked by Jean on March 24, 2021

Q: Hi. I own the following stocks in an RESP account and have some cash to deploy. Can you kindly recommend 5 stocks in order of preference to add to this account. I have a long term time horizon. Thx. AEM, AQN, ATZ, AW.UN, BCE, BEP.UN, BEPC, CSU, ENB, LSPD, SHOP, TD, TOI, WELL.

Read Answer Asked by Dona on March 24, 2021

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. A question earlier today has motivated me to finally ask this question....been thinking of it for quite a while. It had to do with potential rising interest rates and your response was that dividend investors should be prepared for a bumpy ride in the short term (my paraphrase of your answer).

I own the above securities and for the most part trim-add around core positions that I hold for the long term. Is it possible to divide the above securities into two that would be "ok" in a rising interest rate environment and the other that I should consider trimming a bit or maybe selling? I am ok riding things out for the long term and do not normally react to short term volatility.

Thanks for your help....Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 20, 2021

Q: Hi team, Iíve listed my top holdings each representing approx 4- 5% of my total holdings (RRSP). Looking for your top 5 conviction stocks regardless of industry, sector, size, exchange etc. For a 5 year hold. For each suggestion please include the max weighting you would consider reasonable.

As always, thanks for the insights and keeping us grounded in fact.


Read Answer Asked by Don on March 20, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,

I currently own DOL, ATD and PBH for Consumer Staples. I'm getting a little bored of the progress that DOL has made over the last three years and I'm looking for a little more growth.

Looking at EMP, L or MRU as a replacement. Based on today's news from I'm leaning towards EMP. Please let me know what your thoughts on this switch, or if you'd recommend another stock not mentioned.

I have a long horizon, 7+ years, and looking for some more growth.


Read Answer Asked by Christopher on March 17, 2021

Q: I am looking to add new position in the C.Non Cycl. sector. My lean is to the balanced and income portfolios. How would you rank the above and which companies represent the best buying opportunity now( or is now not the time for this sector) and why?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 09, 2021

Q: Hi 5i team
I would like to thank you for all your sound advice since inception. I would need to trim up to 5 stocks from this portfolio. If you were in that position, which ones would you cut starting with first to cut up to fifth. These stocks are in a rrsp with equal percentages. Thanks. Gilles

Read Answer Asked by Gilles on March 08, 2021

Q: I am a 3-5 year medium and long term investor. I need to increase my position in Consumer Staples by about 3%. I currently hold ATD 3% and PBH 3% are in my taxable account. I have full confidence in the management of ATD but I now wonder if their business model has not changed a bit compared to the company I bought a few years ago.
1- If the electrification of transport raises from 2 to 10% within 3-5 years, how many customers will ATD lose?
2- If you have an electric car will you wait 15 minutes to recharge your battery in a convenience store?
3- Can ATD still grow by buying competitors at attractive prices?
4- Will future growth come in less profitable areas such as grocers and if so the P.E. will drop.

What do I do? Can you help me sort this out?
Buy more ATD? Add DOL? Add a little to the 2 already owned and add DOL, not DOL...

I'm lost.

Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Yves on February 26, 2021