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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you supply a few suggestions of dividend stocks that may be good to purchase during tax loss selling? Canadian and US if possible.
A few growth stocks would be a good balance to this question as well! Thanks, James

Read Answer Asked by JAMES on November 28, 2022

Q: In my TFSA I have 3 big winners CSU GSY KXS and a few lossers AT NBLY TOY. Keeping as objedtive GROWTH what titles would you suggest adding or departing in the upcoming months?

Read Answer Asked by Yves on November 28, 2022

Q: What would be your top picks for dividend stocks that are trading currently at good discounts and have a great recovery potential-across all segments US and Canada? One group making 3.5% or higher; one group 2-3% but have more growth opportunity? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Pat on November 18, 2022

Q: Please provide some recommendations for quality, dividend paying stocks in the consumer staples sector that are a good buy right now.

Read Answer Asked by Ray on November 11, 2022

Q: Above are my Consumer Defensive holdings. Can you please rank in terms of Value? I want to hold only 4 consumer defensive large cap buy and hold stocks - would you replace any of these 4?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on November 07, 2022

Q: When NNRG reaches my next target price, I plan to do some additional trimming (for asset allocation reasons, as well as to fund some topping up of existing positions in my TFSA.

In which order would you add to the following, based on where we are at in the market cycle and where you see the best current value: XIT, PBH, PLC. Please add a brief reason why the sequence.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on October 20, 2022

Q: I am a but overweight consumer staples and would like to sell either CCL.B or PBH to raise some cash for better opportunities elsewhere. Both are in a registered account so no tax implications. Which one would you sell at this time and why?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on October 14, 2022

Q: I'm perplexed by these "defensive" stocks. Both are breaking down with the market. Shouldn't food and insurance companies fare better? They haven't and now I wonder when the market turns if growth companies will fare better and lead the market higher (eventually). So what's in store for these companies going forward? Throw in the towel and put into growth companies?

Read Answer Asked by Kel on September 23, 2022

Q: Hi.

My portfolio analytics says I'm low on Consumer Defensive. Can you give me 1-2 Canadian stock suggestions and maybe 1-2 ETFs in the US and Canada.


Read Answer Asked by Robert on September 07, 2022

Q: Hello Peter and company,

Aside from Costco, can you recommend other U.S. retail stocks that you like for a long term hold?

Have a great long weekend

Read Answer Asked by Angelo on September 06, 2022