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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In an account I look after, the goals are capital preservation and income generation. There is sufficient diversification from other holdings. Some changes are required and I am considering either one of or both of EIF and TCL.A. Their market cap is below $2B; do you see them as reasonably secure and stable. If you had to choose only one, what would you go for? Thank you for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on July 30, 2021

Q: I currently hold in my portfolio symbols ,WISH,ECOM,PHA,VXTR,CVX ,IPAand MRS
They have all gone down recently, do you think Ishould hold on to these stocks for long term growth

I am thinking of adding TCL ATD and AX.UN to my portfolio , what are your thoughts on these stocks . do they still have more upside to them

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Howard on July 15, 2021

Q: Concerns me when a position reports good numbers in a strong market but the stock doesnt react. Recent examples are DOO and TCL.A A guest on BNN mentioned DOO has presold the complete manufacturing run of 2022 Ski Doo's. With this in mind earnings should be stellar this year but going foward the bar is set very high for comparisons. I've trimmed DOO once and still have a 6% weighting after having it more than double since the first purchase. Considering exiting the position altogether. Thoughts on both companies and my theory, thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Charles on June 23, 2021

Q: Q1-2021 report showed the company paid down some debt. Their entry in packaging has started to show signs of recovery but not with a tremendous success. Now suddenly company started to enter in different field with acquisitions in the creation of engaging retail environments, point-of-purchase displays and large format printing. Do you think management is not sure about their entry in packaging is write? Your views on this whether its good or bad for an investor. Is it time for a switch to CCL?

Read Answer Asked by Piyush on June 08, 2021

Q: Non-registered account with goal of primarily dividend income has done quite well, with all of the noted holdings nicely in positive territory. In hind sight MG and SYZ would have been in a registered account. SYZ is up 63%, MG 24%.
Overall account yield is currently 3.8%. Would prefer it closer to 5%
Need some help with this "good problem". Take capital gain now and move into yieldier positions, or let running stocks run and deal with bigger gain in future?
If I move out of some of the growthier stocks, which div payers minimum 3% yield to move into?
Overall portfolio diversification is pretty decent, and diversification within this account does not have to be perfect - dividend security within this account is more important.


Read Answer Asked by Jim on May 04, 2021

Q: I hold the above in my income portfolio. With the exception of psi they are half positions. psi has diminished to well under a half position. I have enough new money to top 4 or 5 up to full positions. Which of the above (if any) would you suggest deserve a full 5% weighting? I am of course willing to move in a new direction if that were your advice. I currently hold 24 positions in this account.

Read Answer Asked by Rod on April 22, 2021

Q: I currently hold 3% positions in FTT, TCL.A, ARE in the Industrial; as well as MG and NFI in Consumer Discretionary (I realize that these are in a different sectors but are also semi-industrial). I am thinking of adding MAL as a long term recovery play. FTT, & ARE had been added last year for these reasons. I'm quite bullish in NFI and see it as having the most upside in the short term.

Do you see this as being a good addition/strategy?

To fund a 1.5% position MAL is there one company that you see as not having as much "upside" that you would trim by half, or a combination that you would suggest trimming from?


Read Answer Asked by Cory on April 06, 2021

Q: For a long term, conservative, income oriented investor what are your favourite industrial stocks. Three from each of canada and the US would be great.
Many thanks for all the help.

Read Answer Asked by John on March 31, 2021

Q: hi
what would be your top picks from your income and balanced portfolios in this current downturn in terms of valuation? do you consider their current prices to be good entry levels or should we wait a bit?
thanks for your help

Read Answer Asked by Mary on March 08, 2021

Q: 11:26 AM 12/11/2020
I am interested in TCL.A. Nice dividend growing slowly and good share price growth from 2012 to September 2018 when it was over $28. Then a sudden plunge downhill to May this year at under $10, with Covid just one more small bump along the way.

What happened in Sept 2018 to trigger the plunge?

Now the company appears to be doing well but I worry that they are in print media which is a sunset business. How much of their business and income is geared to printing? And are they reducing dependence on printing and if so what is the replacement income source?

Overall what is your opinion of this company for an income/growth investor for a very long term hold? It has always seemed a bit less than exciting to me but the dividend if it continues to grow, is appealing these days.

Would you buy now or could you suggest 2 or 3 other companies with a growing 4%+ dividend that you might like better in the same or similar space?
Thank you...... Paul K.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 14, 2020

Q: I need to add some weight to my industrial sector, and as an income investor, I'm wondering about TCL.A? I've read the commentary, and although it seems to have had some troubles prior to Covid, just wondering if you would consider it a buy on a dip or if you have other options you like better and would suggest. For a long term hold. Thanks again!

Read Answer Asked by Pat on November 12, 2020

Q: Taking into account AD as an income trust, I presume distribution would be taxed as income and would be best in RRSP whereas TCL dividend would receive dividend tax credit and best in nonregistered accounts. To me that seems at highest marginal rate that these would provide similar incomes in above situations. Is this correct?
Secondly, do you recommend one above the other?
Income, safety of dividend and capital are the most important considerations. I prefer a long term hold and can tolerate a moderate amount of volatility.
Thank you for this great service.

Read Answer Asked by Tulio on October 19, 2020

Q: Hello 5i,
I sold PLC at a gain to buy AW due to the higher dividend and good pricing. I sold ET and bought TCL.A also at a good price now.

With the excess cash from the sale of ET should I wait to see what you suggest next or buy CU which s not in your portfolios but has a good dividend, is at a good price and is suggested by you in many instances or buy GOEASY also at a good price, growing, and a reasonable dividend? I am 73 looking for dividend and some growth with a ten year outlook. I do not need the funds as a defined pension plus dividends. If you have better suggestions I would appreciate them.

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on September 17, 2020