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Investment Q&A

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Q: Good afternoon, I have a 33% equal split of KXS,CJT and BAM, within a TFSA. I had a good run twice with KXS over the past couple of years, and suspect it may be topping out shortly. Would you consider a switch to TOI to be a sound move. This is a growth portfolio.
Thanks for your always sound advice, Steve.

Read Answer Asked by steve on August 31, 2021

Q: I own Air Canada and Cargo Jet and have done very well on both. With Air Canada expanding its Cargo's operation substantially, I wonder if owning both really makes sense. Do you think that replacing CJT with TFII, operating in a different segment of the logistic industry, would be a good/better move?
thanks for your help!

Read Answer Asked by Gilles on July 29, 2021

Q: CJT's SP has been weak YTD (down about 18%) and flat for the last four months (range bound around $175 since March). Do you see any catalyst on the horizon that could get it out of the current humdrum? All stocks will eventually settle on their "proper level". I just wonder if CJT has reached that level already. Your insight is much appreciated. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Victor on June 23, 2021

Q: I have held CJT for a while, in a taxable account. I am down about 13%. In previous Q&A, 5I has leaned towards TFII when discussing these 2. On the other hand, CJT was covered in a 5I article a few weeks back, something like, "Growth on Sale", for stocks that had dropped a lot in the recent rotation but seemed to show potential to recover. And then there is CJT's deal with Amazon which also seems to be a good positive. So, although you have answered before, which of the 2 would you currently invest in. The tax loss offers some solace and benefit for a switch, but then there is a possible recovery??? Thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on May 25, 2021

Q: Looking to add a transport for my industrials sector exposure. I have a bit of cargojet. I'm about breakeven. With the recent pullback, thinking of high grading and dumping cargojet for CNR or TFII. Wise decision? If so, which do you prefer?


Read Answer Asked by Jason on March 06, 2021

Q: Today CJT is off $73 from the high of $250. It now needs to move almost 50% to reach this all time high. You often comment that this is often a tall order for a stock that is in a penalty box. My average price is $200. Looking at TFII and CJT today which one has a better growth prospect in your view if you had to pick one?

Read Answer Asked by JR on March 02, 2021