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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I tried to pull a stock list of B+ companies based on your reviews. Your thought on investing as an equal weight portfolio with a 5 year horizon.

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on September 24, 2021

Q: I am trying to grow a small position in GDI and have two options. As I add funds over the coming months I can just average in, or I could sell my position in QIPT and get a larger position right away.

I know the stocks aren't comparable, but what would your thoughts be on this move? I think QIPT has decent growth prospects but one thing this move would do is take remove some risk (from small-cap to GDI market cap over 1 billion. Thanks for your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on September 16, 2021

Q: We have decided to increase positions in ATA, CSU and GSY in a non-registered account, as well as start positions in ATZ, FSV, GDI, WELL, TOI and LSPD in a TSFA. All purchases will be made with the intent to be long-term holds (10+ years).

Please suggest entry points for each of the companies. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 13, 2021

Q: We are looking to create a 'growth' portfolio using our TFSA accounts. This portfolio will represent a small portion of our overall investments. The portfolio will hold ~10 Canadian and ~10 US stocks. All purchases in the portfolio will be made with the intent to be long-term holds (10+ years).

Using the 5i research reports, model portfolios and Q&A section, we've selected the listed Canadian stocks. Please rank these stocks and suggest any tweaks, additions or subtractions, you might make. As well, please suggest a companion list of US stocks. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 24, 2021

Q: I would like to add a new position in my TFSA. Please comment on the above equities. Outlook for the next 4 years. What would be your preference.
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Albert on August 09, 2021

Q: I am looking at acquiring 5 stocks based on potential long term return (5 year minimum). From your growth portfolio looking at AT, DOL, DOO, ECN, GDI, MRS and OTEX. Three others I am looking at are EQB, SDE and VMD. In what order would you purchase them and would you purchase them now?

Read Answer Asked by David on July 28, 2021

Q: Of the listed which 2 would you think have the greatest growth potential for a TFSA account over the next 5 years ? Could you suggest list any two others which you might think have better potential irrespective of sector.

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on July 07, 2021

Q: Thank you for providing such an unparalleled service. Your cost increases are minimal.

My question is about diversification in my RRSP which consists of mostly high quality growth stocks (GOOGL, VISA, NIKE, ACN, NVIDIA, etc.) I am however, under-represented in Canadian stocks which include BAM, SHOPIFY, IFC, FSV, & BIP.UN. My goal is to build up my Canadian portfolio in this RSP.

I am well represented in Tech, Consumers, disc, & health care with my US holdings. Can you recommend 10 Canadian stocks that I could add for the long term to balance out my portfolio? I am deficient in financial, materials & industrials. Or to apply the Occam's razor, should I just buy and accumulate XIC over time.

Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Alka on June 29, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
I have GDI in my TFSA account and have done well so far.
Thank you.
However, I feel there is not much growth in the future and am considering replacing it with either EGLX or AT. The hesitancy stems due to the old adage - don't fix if it ain't broken. From a reward perspective, is the increase in risk justified ? I would appreciate your selection amongst the three for the TFSA. Subsequently , a preference amongst the remaining two for a margin account.
Do you consider GDI a growthy stock with a dividend yield?

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on June 29, 2021

Q: Hi , please rank their short and long term growth potential . thanks.

Read Answer Asked by victor on June 25, 2021

Q: The listed companies each carry about a 1% weighing in my portfolio. There are no tax implications and I am positive on all of these. I am trying to reduce my overall holdings to about 25. I believe each company has its merits but I will never hit a home run with such a small investment. Can you advise which ones you would keep and consolidate or perhaps suggest something else to put all of the proceeds toward.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Marty on June 22, 2021

Q: With inflation increasing and might remain higher than the past few years, I'm wondering if GDI, that I understand generally signs agreements under contact for say 5 years with Municipalities, would have the annual service fees adjusted to changes in inflation. Any idea, or is this a general practice for service providers signing longer-term agreements?......Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 04, 2021

Q: I'm well represented with banks, tech, and energy. Other than TFII, I own no industry. I want to own 3 of either WS, GDI, TIH, MG, CAR, or CP for the long term, looking for some growth, some dividends and not too much volatility. Which 3 do you suggest and why?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 27, 2021

Q: Hi, currently holding these as my industrials, looking to add 1-2% to this sector. Looking for long term growth, would be in RSP. How would you rank these if I were adding? Thanks!
TSE:XBC 2.72%
TSE:WSP 2.41%
TSE:ATA 1.83%
TSE:AC 1.46%
TSE:SIS 1.4%
TSE:GDI 1.2%

Read Answer Asked by Keith on March 10, 2021

Q: Hello
If you had to chose between SIS and GDI to hold for the next three years, which would you prefer. They are close in market cap but SIS pays a monthly dividend and appears to be making a comeback. I currently hold GDI but am leaning toward switching back to SIS
Thanks for your great service

Read Answer Asked by Clarence on February 09, 2021

Q: Hi, I'm currently holding a few of these positions in our TFSA's along with SHOP, LSPD, WELL, etc... I'm trying to determine if these four stocks fit best in a TFSA or other accounts? I try to put the highest growth stocks into our TFSA's. Would you swap any of these names out with some of the other high growth stocks you like and put these into an RSP, LIRA or non registered account? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 03, 2020