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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In late January with geopolitical tension increasing I put stops on my stocks. I was stopped out of ATD,BYD,BBP,UN,DOO,MAGT,MG,PBH,PLC, and TSU. I was also stopped out of GSY,KXS,NVEI,TFII, and TOP, all of this group I've repurchased. The remaining stocks, are there any you wouldn't buy back? Thanks for all your good council over the years thru good times and challenging times. David

Read Answer Asked by David on March 23, 2022

Q: I have been looking at recommendations in the questions and have picked the companies listed above to look into.
Without considering sector diversification, would you say each of these individually are strong companies to invest in, or would you separate these into different tiers?
In what order would you take a position in these stocks if you were to invest today? (e.g. may want to wait until prices for growth stocks like TIXT/TSU stabilize)
Also please provide suggested entry prices for each.

Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 15, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,

If one was predisposed to achieve a higher yield for an income portfolio, what would you replace WSP, PRMW and PLC with? Or does this defeat the purpose of balance and keeping some growth?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on March 08, 2022

Q: Like a previous subscriber wrote, we also appreciate your most recent report: specifically, the numeric historical context of this current correction, the sectors affected and those most likely to benefit.
We are invested in each of the three of the 5i portfolios and over the next 1-2 months plan to make staggered and targeted contributions.
Could you suggest 3 or 4 companies from each portfolio where the winds of sentiment are excessively negative and would be attractive to purchase with this approach?
This is for a 5+ years hold.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Delbert on March 08, 2022

Q: Hi Peter
I have read your report that you have sent over to your customers stating that with this market correction it is time to build, i am with you all the way i am fairly new to this game been in it for only 2 years and still learning alot following your advise. I am at the age of 63 years old , if still healthy my time frame will be 5 years. Stating what you said about the market correction that we are in now, which companies would you feel is something that you can see moving in the right direction or which sector would you recommend? Thks again for everything

Read Answer Asked by wilson on March 04, 2022

Q: Whats your best
Picks today in consumer discretionary and consumer cyclical that have both growth potential and pay dividend for a registered account?

Read Answer Asked by Todd on February 24, 2022

Q: The above companies are all down considerably in the last few months. Do you see any of them continuing on a downward trend such that it is best to sell now, and take the loss, and invest in something more stable? Or do you foresee any of these companies rebounding from their lows such that they are currently great buy low candidates? If so which one(s)?

Read Answer Asked by David on February 22, 2022

Q: I held a smallish position in Canada Goose, and was getting less optimistic about sales growth, particularly in China, and sold half early in 2021 at about $53. Obviously should have sold all of it.
Today's results were disappointing with regard to the outlook.

(1)Wondering what you think of the GOOS results.

(2) If I sell the remaining GOOS shares, I would add to an existing smallish position in one of Pollard Banknote, Park Lawn or Trisura. How would you rank these 4 companies, GOOS, PBL, PLC, TSU, as part of a balanced portfolio with a tolerance for risk?

Read Answer Asked by Dan on February 11, 2022

Q: hi, just looking for clarification to Ricks's question on Feb funeral services related.
You mentioned CCS in your answer...but this is a construction company. Did you mean either of SCI or CSV and your answer was a typo for CCS?


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on February 09, 2022

Q: This is a follow-up to our question from last week (see:

Based on your response that nothing in the list gives you much cause for concern, we would understand this to imply none of the 30 stocks would be considered a "sell" today.

Please divide the 30 stocks into a pair of ranked (best to worst) lists, one of "buys" and the other of "holds". As well, for each of the "holds" indicate the principal rationale for caution.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 07, 2022

Q: About 1 year ago we created an equal-weighted 'balanced' portfolio of 30 Canadian companies in a non-registered account. Most were chosen from companies either covered by a 5i research report or included in a 5i model portfolio. The remainder were chosen, based on the 5i Q&A section, from what appear to be 5i sector favourites. All purchases are made with the intent to be long-term holds (10+ years). As well, we intend to increase our investments over the next 2-3 years, and then adjust over time as needed. Currently the amount invested represents ~40% of the eventual total.

Although a goal is to keep the portfolio roughly equal weighted, of the 30 companies, the following 14 were acquired in 3 purchases (full position) and currently have weights in the 2.31% (SHOP) to 5.00% (ATA) range for an average of 3.71%: CSU, MG, GSY, WSP, LNF, ATD, ATA, SLF, BAM.A, BIPC, FTS, DOO, SHOP and TFII. The remainder were acquired in 2 purchases (2/3 position) and currently have weights in the 1.98% (BEPC) to 3.17% (TCN) range for an average of 2.56%. So, overall, the weightings currently range from ~2% to ~5%.

Over the next 6 months we will invest another ~25% of the eventual total. As we make additional purchases, we need to strike a balance between keeping the weights roughly equal while taking advantage of market opportunities. Please provide some broad guidance/wisdom.

Of the 30 companies in the portfolio, which 10 would you have the highest conviction in today? Please rank them.

Are there any of the 30 that you might consider as candidates to be replaced because there are better options, and if so, what replacements would you suggest and why (disregard tax considerations)?

What additional 3 Canadian companies might you consider adding to the portfolio and why?

As always, thanks for the great service!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 01, 2022

Q: Hello 5i Research team, not a question, more as a follow-up to your response to Sheldon's question earlier today about Park Lawn: I would like to mention that I believe a major factor that has allowed funeral homes to perform well in 2020 and 2021 is the COVID surcharge ($500+) imposed at each funeral in many jurisdictions for the additional sanitation measures required due to the pandemic. The profit margin on this surcharge seems to be quite generous in my opinion... Publish if you think this information can be useful. Thank you for your collaboration, Eric

Read Answer Asked by Eric on January 26, 2022

Q: Can I please have your top 5 US and Cdn consumer non cyclical stock choices ?

Read Answer Asked by adam on January 25, 2022

Q: I read this in the G&M.

"For funeral homes, the decline in income over the past two years owed partly to rising interest in cremation, which costs less than burial.
The losses accelerated as large viewings were cancelled, reducing the need for expensive caskets, said Scott MacCoubrey, a funeral-home owner and president of the Ontario Funeral Service Association."

Can I have your point of view and how this will or not affect PLC?



Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on January 25, 2022

Q: Looking at some Canadian companies that are involved in various aspects of consumer activity such as retail, investing, borrowing. Please rate each of the following on a scale of 1-10 for desirability for a 5+ year hold in a well diversified portfolio. Looking for good total return with a higher than average tolerance for share price volatility. These would not be core positions. CF, EQB, GOOS, NFI, PBI, PLC, TSU, TOY, ZZZ.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 18, 2022