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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Both PBH and PLC don't seem to want to recover from their poor recent performance despite each having had decent quarters. Investors just don't seem interested in them and I am also becoming less so and thinking of selling at a loss. Is there a case for continuing to hold?
Thanks for your advice.
Read Answer Asked by richard on May 22, 2024
Q: We have a well-diversified Canadian portfolio (~30 holdings) focused slightly toward growth that is overweight in the Consumer Cyclical sector. Our current holdings, in approximately equal weights, are DOO, LNF, MG, BYD, PLC, ATZ. We are considering either reducing our holdings by one or a group trimming. Which would you prefer and why? For long term holds, how would you rate (1-10) these 6?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 24, 2024
Q: Can you please share your favourite Cdn dividend growth stocks for long term hold in a non-registered account.

Read Answer Asked by Janet on March 26, 2024
Q: Park Lawn, BCE and BEP taking a tidy beating in the wife’s income portfolio. While we enjoy the divs, the red ink is off-putting to be fair.

We are a few years away from drawing on her account, so at what point would you consider averaging down on these. There is a fairly large cash balance waiting to be deployed.
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on March 15, 2024
Q: Hello team,

I have all four of these in my income portfolio. The telco's for the divs and Park Lawn and BEP for income and growth. All four are down substantially (20-30%) from purchase in fall of 2022. The news out on BCE is less than flattering, while there has not beeen much on PLC. The other two I assume are biding their time, and should/might rerate with a drop in interest rates. I am a long term buy and hold and am quite satisfied with the income aspect of my portfolio, but my finger keeps getting itchy each time I see a drop in SP, for no reason at all.

My question is, will these Companies need rate cuts in order to rerate, or is their business that bad that their SP continues to stagnate. I know the other shoe about the economy improving, but that applies to all stocks, and have taken that into consideration.

Thanks for the service, I'd be lost without it. My former finacial advisor, not such a big fan!
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on March 05, 2024
Q: I have 7000$ to allocate into my TFSA which of these companies would be your favourite and which would be your least favourite, please rate them out of 10(1 meaning least favourite and 10 being most favourite). Lastly at what entry price would you be a buyer of these companies? Please indicate an entry price for each company.

Thanks guys
Read Answer Asked by Ma on February 26, 2024
Q: Sir. In the spirit of weeding the garden, I find myself well down in these stocks…with a time frame of 1 year , please comment on which to keep or toss how…. 5i had good things to say about many of these in the past, but we all know that times change quickly in this business…
Read Answer Asked by James on February 05, 2024
Q: Hello Peter and 5i team,
My TFSA contains the aforementioned stocks in roughly even percentages except for nominal investments in Park Lawn and DRX. I would like to make my annual contribution to one or some of these companies and would like to know what your order of preference would be for buys/adds at this time. Please also include Celestica in your considerations.
Also, are there any companies in this list that you would consider undervalued at this time?
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Bob on January 29, 2024
Q: Hi,
What would be your top 5 CDN consumer discretionary stocks in a RRSP for a 5-10 year hold.
Please list in order of preference for a buy today.
Read Answer Asked by Marco on January 23, 2024