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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: 1. PLC is in the highest red in my RRSP, If to sell what stock would you suggest as a replacement for better recovery?
2. Own 1/2 position of Hydro. Would you suggest buying more at today's price?

Read Answer Asked by Hali on December 08, 2022

Q: Good morning. I watched your interview with Kornel Szejber from Build Wealth Canada. On it you discussed immunization which was most helpful. You also mentioned that you thought of CNR and CP as set it and forget it stocks. With that train of thought in mind which other canadian dividend stocks would you put in this same category? If I was to purchase 10 dividend stocks to take advantage of the dividend tax credit in my non registered acct which would be my main source of income which stocks should I consider.

Read Answer Asked by Anna on December 01, 2022

Q: Have a bit of cash I want to add deploy to one of MAL, PLC, X. Preference right now? Longterm hold, unregistered account, hybrid of income/balanced follower. Yes they are very different and yes this is a market timing question!

Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 28, 2022

Q: I'm looking for high quality dividend growers, like TD as an example

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 22, 2022

Q: If you were to start a NEW Income Portfolio what 10 stocks would you choose. Thanks for your input!

Read Answer Asked by diane joan on October 31, 2022

Q: Can you please give me your 8 top stock picks for someone retiring in 8 years. Thank you, I value your teams opinion.

Read Answer Asked by Cheryl on October 28, 2022

Q: Want to beef up my finacials. I own SLF, TD, BAM.A and X . Trying to decide between 1. Buying BNS ( new position), 2. topping up my 4 existing more or less equally, or 3. putting it all into just 1 of the current 4 ( likely SLF as TD and BAm are already a big holding, jury is still out for me on X). Long term holds, balanced/income hybrid portfolio follower.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 23, 2022

Q: I believe part of Lorraine’s Aug 24 question was about the NEO exchange itself, and whether it is investible as a company in its own right (apart from the question about buying MSFT on NEO)
NEO was acquired by CBOE Global Markets recently. CBOE does trade publicly but on the BATS exchange. Hope it is Ok to mention this.
I would love for 5i to do a review of the various N.A. exchanges sometime and rank them as investments.
I owned Archipelgo back in the day, and have held X for a long time. Exchanges seem to be good long term investments. Which U.S. exchange would 5i favour at this point, if it were to choose only one?

Read Answer Asked by john on August 29, 2022

Q: Ignoring company size and sector diversification, can you please rank these stocks on a best to worst risk / reward basis for long term hold. I own them all in various accounts with a half position or less so my plan would be to let some go and increase position in others with better potential. Any of them you consider good buy at the moment? Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on August 12, 2022

Q: Hello 5i team:
Without editorializing or getting too “grumpy old man”, it seems we have a productivity issue in Canada, and now a labour force participation and perhaps also a work ethic issue. Every employer where I reside is bemoaning “people problems”.
I’m wondering if you have done any work on identifying companies that generate high free cash flow with relatively fewer employees? I know you have mentioned ATA in the past as maybe a way to play the theme, but I’m thinking of companies that are already there because of the nature of their business.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on July 25, 2022

Q: I've been sitting on my Q2 div revenues waiting for things to settle a bit. Looking to add to one off the 3 positions X, TD, SLF. Balanced/Income portfolio follower, moving towards income follower. 5+ yr hold. Conversely if there is a holding in the Income portfolio that is a screaming buy right now I would consider adding to that position or starting a new position if I don't already own it.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 19, 2022

Q: I'm overweight financials - almost 20% of my total portfolio. In relatively equal proportions I hold: BAM, GSY, SLF, X and V. Should I trim across the board or do these stocks have sufficiently different economic drivers that being 20% overweight is not a concern? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on April 05, 2022

Q: Please name and rank five Canadian stocks providing dividends > 2% that are likely to experience strong growth over the next five years. (Please exclude GSY as it's already owned and I'm assuming would be on the list.) Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on April 04, 2022

Q: Do you feel that CSE and NEO pose any kind of threat to TMX dominance both near term and more importantly long term? Increasingly I’m noticing more and more companies exclusively listed on either CSE or NEO especially ETFs. I ask because TMX seems to be range bound for quite some time now and was wondering if the growing presence of these new exchanges perhaps have investors concerned especially after the recent takeover of NEO by a larger American company with significant financial resources.

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on January 07, 2022

Q: Are you aware of any companies like CSU that have a tight float and respect of shareholders and dont get killed in a market correction like some other public tech companies?


Read Answer Asked by blake on December 15, 2021