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Q: I am considering getting into bond ETF's, given that we are apparently hitting pause on rate hikes and will potentially begin to cut rates in 2024. I realize that you cannot predict timing but would you consider this a good time to be getting into bonds?

What is your view on bond ETF's FCGB and DXDB, or can you offer another bond ETF to consider?

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Timothy on November 29, 2023
Q: I want to take advantage of capital gains in bonds that I expect to occur as rates decline but I am unsure whether I will get that benefit with an ETF like XBB as much as with individual bonds. Can you tell me how that works with the etf? I assume as they buy new bonds at to replace their maturing ones, that will take away the capital gains advantage as they buy them at par in the higher rate market.
Read Answer Asked by Maria on November 20, 2023
Q: I am looking to simplify the management of my RRSP and my wifeís RRSP by shifting from stocks to ETFs. Iím thinking that it would be easiest to manage if I have 1 ETF for Canadian Equities, 1 for US equities, 1 for International Equities and 1 for bonds/ fixed income.

We have a 10-15 year time horizon so ETFs with a growth orientation would be preferred.


Canadian Equities
US Equities
international Equities
Bonds/ fixed income

Read Answer Asked by Gregory on November 14, 2023
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