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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have 1.5 million to invest. I need income of $70000 per year before tax for the next 10 years. I hesitate to put it in to a single type of investment.. please suggest a mix I could use to get me close to this goal. A slight growth would be a bonus . Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 10, 2024
Q: TD launched a series of Target Maturity Bond ETFs that terminate in Nov of each given year (e.g. TBCF winds up in Nov 2026)
Normally, for Fixed Income, an investor could:
- own individual bonds with exact payment/maturity certainty but very laborious
- own traditional bond ETFs: very easy, but perpetually renewing maturities and mysterious trading prices---often downward, it seems
However these new ETFs seem to offer the best of both worlds.
MER is 0.20 vs XBB 0.10 which isn’t bad.
By TD’s offering chart (May 2), TBCF shows a Yield to Maturity (net of fees) of 4.87%.
Seems like a lot to like here for the individual investor, in Fixed Income.
As a Portfolio Analytics subscriber, the Asset Allocator is unhappy with my dearth of Fixed Income holdings!
Read Answer Asked by Dave on May 16, 2024
Q: Hoping you could suggest an ETF portfolio for an RRSP account with a minimum 12 years until withdrawals are made. The account is starting from scratch.
Read Answer Asked by Curtis on May 10, 2024
Q: Can you suggest 10 best (sleep at night) low risk, monthly/quarterly income, tax efficient, Canadian etfs. Monthly preferred but not essential. Held in non registered account.
Read Answer Asked by Craig on April 29, 2024
Q: Greetings 5i
I have a couple of follow up questions to yesterday’s question regarding a US replacement for vbal. You suggested a combination of spy and a bond fund. What would be an appropriate bond etf for this strategy? I imagine you would be indifferent between spy and voo for stocks? Is there any way to calculate the tax hit in a non registered account. Currently I have non dividend paying stocks in this account to avoid withholding tax. But, i guess if you follow this strategy you have to take the tax bite as part of the package.
With appreciation
Read Answer Asked by joseph on April 29, 2024
Q: This question or type of question was asked in the last week, but I can't find it. Sorry. My 2 kids each have about $100,000. I manage their money, but would prefer to just manage it through ETF's. Can you please suggest a portfolio of ETF's for reasonable growth (60-70% equities), but balanced with some bonds as well. If you want to cut and paste your answer to the question from a week ago, that would be great. Thanks a lot.
Read Answer Asked by Steve on April 09, 2024
Q: Peter, I am a 75 year old active and avid stock picking DIY investor and have been pretty successful thanks very much to you and the staff at 5i Research. However, my wife has no interest and no knowledge to manage our portfolios if something were to happen to me. And with a nod to Warren Buffett I believe I would like to leave clear instructions that our stocks be sold off and the funds invested in a passive 80/20 equity/bond (or what split would you recommend?) all in one ETF that would provide for my wife for the rest of her life.
What ETF would you recommend for this? And is one truly enough?

Thanks. David
Read Answer Asked by David on April 08, 2024
Q: Hi, I'm thinking of gradually reducing my individual stocks and moving into etfs for an all around set it and forget it roughly $3 million portfolio for someone retiring in the next few months. Can you give me your suggested etfs and percentages to hold to accomplish this balance? A chunk of these funds are not invested yet so I'd also like to know how you would suggest deploying these funds? Would you edge in gradually over a period of time or just get the money working? I'd really appreciate any advice you could give me in this format.
Thank you as always!
Read Answer Asked by Harry on March 14, 2024
Q: My question is what to do with my legacy fixed-income holdings.

I've been holding the above ETFs after being advised by 5i's portfolio analysis services to increase fixed-income holdings. Holdings are in registered accounts at a 25% weight combined.

They have all lost capital value over the past 5 years, however with distributions, they have returned approximately zero or flat over the last 5 years, I view this as a loss due to the inflation over this time.

What would 5i suggest I do with these fixed-income holdings moving forward? Should I hold for ballast or sell and move funds into dividend growers like Utilities or Pipelines eg. FTS, ALA, GEI, TRP, etc.)? The bond investments have put a drag on my investment returns.

Please advise your thoughts and wisdom, Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maury on February 14, 2024
Q: Hi Folks,
I am looking suggestions for my non reg account,
I currently have 7% weighting in HHL and 7% in ZWE. I am close to retirement age.
Also is there a website that indicates whether the income from etfs/ stocks are dividends or interest.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 08, 2024
Q: Please recommend 5 ETF's for a young investor just starting her career and investing in her first TFSA. Thank you in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Helen on February 08, 2024
Q: Hi 5i team,

My daughter and her partner are investing in their RRSPs through a work plan. They are in a number of Mutual funds, some with quite high MERs range about 1.5 to 2.5%. Also high redemption rates (some up to 5% in first year or two). I have tried to find the mutual funds from their statements, but mostly listed without codes so difficult to be certain of all data.

They have :
20% Balanced funds
47% Canadian Equity
13% Global Fixed income
20% Foreign Equity.

Amount invested is significant but not really high - includes 3 years of contributions/investment. I think they would be best to withdraw the money now and invest in ETFs. I don't think they need to similarly replicate the funds above in ETFs.

2 questions:

A. Any suggestions as to most efficient way to withdraw from these funds? Are there questions to ask that might help reduce redemption bite or should they just make the switch.
B. They are late 30's and 40 yo, so time horizon of approx. 20 years or more before needing money. They are interested in investing but are very early in this. Wondering what you would suggest for starter ETFs right now with bias towards growth. Perhaps you could suggest 4-6 ETFs that would give them age and time horizon appropriate investments.

Please use as many questions as needed.
Thank you in advance for your usual great service and the very helpful advice.
Read Answer Asked by Tulio on January 31, 2024
Q: Dear 5i team.
As I read through the recent Q's on the merits of owning laddered bond funds vs long bond funds (CLF/CBO vs XBB/XLB) couple of f/ups for you. Assuming rates have peaked, and downward is the consensus:
1) What is the upside for CLF vs XLB for example. How much of a move in bond prices would you estimate for each 50 BP move? (can you do same exercise assuming rates move higher?)
2) Since you like both XBB/XLB for long bond exposure, can both be owned, or should one be sufficient?

Many thanks for your help to understand the risk/reward here.
Read Answer Asked by Arthur on January 18, 2024
Q: These two have me scratching my head. I invested a few months back, believing that lower interest rates were likely ahead in 2024 and longer bonds would do well. After a decent start, they are drifting downwards which doesn't make much sense when no one seems to see higher rates headed our way. Is it de-risking going on, and other investments look better? Am I missing something here or is it just a case of having patience with the plan? Also, Happy New Year to all of you at 5i. al
Read Answer Asked by alex on January 08, 2024
Q: SRLN looks unsafe at first glance. the yield at over 8% p.a. looks high. Morningstar gives SRLN a neutral rating (forward looking) and 2 stars looking backward. Morningstar is often out of date, and there is better information at Your Bloomberg is not available to us commoners.

I ask this this question because bank-owned brokers make it difficult and/or expensive to buy bonds. Information and pricing on bonds are not easily searchable. Every time I force myself to look at asset allocation, the robotic tools I use scream at me that I am mad in that I zero fixed income. This brought me to look at bond ETFs and I acquired some USHY which looked decent, but that doesn’t quieten those pesky AI tools that help self-directed investors.

Is SRLN a reasonable enough proxy to add to the fixed income part of one’s portfolio? Or is it risky compared to other available US$ bond ETFs? I’d welcome substance in your response and if you care to add links to materials that pedestrian investors like me should look at, that could help. Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Adam on January 05, 2024
Q: In many of the investment articles I have been reading Bonds are being touted as a good investment in 2024. Do you agree? If yes, what Bond ETF's would you recommend?
Read Answer Asked by shirley on December 22, 2023
Q: Hi Peter,

With interest rates projected to go downwards, what are your top three picks in the U.S. and Canada for bond ETFs for the next five years?


Read Answer Asked by George on December 15, 2023
Q: Hello
I have equal amounts in CLO and CLF. Wondering if it might be a good idea to swap one of these for the longer term XLB Bond Fund to hopefully play the downturn in interest rates? If so which would you swap and why? Is there a safer trade with equal potential with less risk then XLB?
Read Answer Asked by JEFF on December 12, 2023
Q: It certainly feels as though we are seeing the beginning of a new bond bull after the roughest two years since the 1980s-early 1990s.
Please provide you opinion on the above, as well an any other bond etfs that you follow.
Can you please provide you opinion regarding a bull market..
Thanks in advance
Read Answer Asked by Rick on December 12, 2023