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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello Folks:
With increasing inflation of grocery bills, do you have suggestions on how to play this situation. I am thinking an ETF representing a bundle of basic food items or individual companies providing inputs such as Agrium?
Thank you brian

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 14, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
As part of my continuing education could you explain something for me, and also answer a question re ETFs.?
In looking over DOL I notice that in its last 11 quarters it beat expectations 6 times and missed 5 times. Two days after all 6 of those beats the share price fell, sometimes substantially, and two days after all 5 of those misses the share price rose, sometimes substantially. I've also noticed this same dynamic at work with other companies. It seems counter-intuitive to me and I wonder if there's an explanation that's widely applicable for why the share price would move up on a miss and down on a beat. (Maybe it has to do with 2 days after a quarterly report being too short a period to draw any conclusions from, but if that's the case why would the two day movement be recorded and reported in the first place - by CIBC Investor's Edge in this case?)
And second question - could you identify what you think are the best CDN ETFs holding consumer defensive names?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 04, 2021

Q: Could you recommend Canadian and US consumer staple ETFs? Are any of the holdings in the model portfolio consumer staples? What percentage of ones portfolio would you allocate to consumer staples?
Thanks for all your help

Read Answer Asked by Mary on May 27, 2021

Q: Hey,

What would be some stocks and ETFs to watch during this rotation?


Read Answer Asked by Bonnie on March 09, 2021

Q: Could you please rank these consumer defensive stocks and why - STZ, DOL, ATD.B, MRU and PG.
Need to increase my US and International exposure, however considering selling STZ (in a RRSP)
What are you thoughts? Is there an ETF in this sector you favour with US /International exposure? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by lorraine on February 19, 2021

Q: I currently own XAW and XTR in my RRSP and looking to add some more Canadian ETFs/stocks for diversification. Have about 20 year time frame. Can you please recommend some?

Read Answer Asked by Fiona on February 05, 2021

Q: Morning 5i team,
I'm looking for a few suggestions on an ETF that covers consumer staples in the NAM? Some that came to mind were XST and STPL, but they seem to lack US exposure?

Read Answer Asked by Phil on August 26, 2020

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and team,

My wife's TFSA consists of the above holdings. NFI is down 73.4%, and XMA is a tiny holding where we park cash (no commission with iTrade). The others are doing well, but perhaps they're not the best when held in a TFSA. Are there any outright sells, and what suggestions do you have to employ the possible cash? We'd like a bit more oomph from this account. Your advice is very valuable.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on August 17, 2020

Q: 5i Hello,
I have these EFTs on my RRSP and not feeling happy with them, can you suggest some possible candidates I could switch to, or just sell them all and with profits buy CSU LSPD SHOP GOOG AMZN.

Read Answer Asked by Fernando on May 21, 2020

Q: In your portfolio analytics, you used to have A list of suggested etfs for each sector. I cannot find this list anymore. Has it been removed? Could you please provide a list of recommended etfs for each sector. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by satish on May 15, 2020

Q: Is there any Etf for groceries industry in Canada or USA that you would recommend. If none do you recommend any stocks in Canada.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Hector on April 23, 2020

Q: 5I Team,
I own IHI etf, I like it's limited number of stocks (10 top stocks 70%)
Can you please suggest few ETF that have limited number of stocks (any sector, US, Can, Global) ?
Best regards

Read Answer Asked by Djamel on December 27, 2019

Q: I am a retired, conservative, dividend-income investor.

Q #1 = I have partial positions in CSH, CGX, PBH, TCL. Would you top up any of these positions?

Q #2 = I am a little light on Consumers. I am having trouble finding an ETF in the consumer sectors that pay a "reasonable" dividend. My ideal dividend target is > 3%, but I'd consider > 2%.

Two questions...please deduct 2 credits. Thanks...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 22, 2019

Q: I continue to be concerned about the market and corrections and being somewhat more defensive in my holdings. ATD.B has been held at about 3% of my total portfolio for about 3 years and it has met my expectations. Nevertheless, I realize I am under-diversified in the consumer staples sector. Would selling my ATD.B and buying XST, perhaps to a 5% level, be wise, in your opinion, or just me letting anxiety leading me to some 'churning'. I'm a senior-plus so at a stage of withdrawing from my accounts for some income.
Thanks for your input and forgive the wordiness.

Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 16, 2019

Q: Happy Monday !
I am looking to play a little defense, with the current high valuations of stock market, without getting out entirely. Thinking about consumer staples, in an etf basket. Which do you prefer, better valuation, liquidity, other metrics ?
KXI.. a global etf, XLP ...U.S stocks, or XST ...Cdn stocks, ..(not my fav)

Read Answer Asked by Bernie on January 16, 2018

Q: I am reviewing my holdings in Consumer non-cyclicals for my RRSP (balanced approach with 15+ years to convert to RRIF). I am underweight in this sector (4%) divided between CCL.B and FSV which you agreed in a previous Q&A that they can be considered c. non-cyclicals.

Id like to increase to about 8-10% total by boosting one of the two holdings I already have (which one between CCL.B and FSV would be best at this time?) and/or acquiring one or two additional stocks. Here I think it would be wise to buy more typical c. non-cyclicals like ATD.B + PBH or perhaps simply just XST to get exposure to a basket of food-related stocks at once (primarly ATD.B, L, MRU, SAP). Your observations will be appreciated as always.

Read Answer Asked by Christian on August 30, 2017