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Q: My son has saved up for a bit and has a decent amount of capital for his age. He has a TFSA but his investments are varied and not the best for a long term portfolio. We recently sat down and planned out a long term portfolio that would less risky for long term holdings. Would you guys change/swap, remove or add any from this portfolio of Canadian Stocks? TD, MG, BAM.A, ENB, SLF, FSV, T, FTS, CNR and TRI. Is the market also in a comfortable position to currently make a large investment of capital? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on August 16, 2022

Q: In light of the market backdrop & the poor Q on Aug 8 resulting in a 14% haircut that day along with your comments,I humbly and painfully think it will take time for PLTR to recover.Have a 50% loss. of which 66% of shares in my investment a/c & balance in Tsfa.Thinking of selling & replaced it by better stocks like Goog,Amzn,Bam.a,Atd.Please provide u opinion & rank the above stocks starting with best.Please feel free to provide 2 or 3 stocks that u prefer. Please comment on Mgni Q2 results released today.In After Hours it was at $8.61, a drop of 6.82% Again its it timely to sell at some 53% loss in investment a/c and replace with above stocks.Please comment. Txs for u usual great services & views

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 10, 2022

Q: Hi Peter & team:

Could you name the order of preference for stocks to be put in TFSA- from most prefer to least prefer. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on August 08, 2022
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