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Q: I have a number of laggards in my portfolio that have been dramatically outperformed by peers during this year's rally, many of which I already own. I realize that you have generally rated these as 'hold' when asked in the past-yet I'm seeing a substantial opportunity cost to holding while others hold momentum during these hot markets for tech, industrial and commodities.
Any thoughts on whether it is worth continuing to hold and would you advise replacing at this time. ie on the balance of possible outcomes, would I be better off to stand pat or shift over to comparables within the sectors?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on July 19, 2021

Q: Hi 5i: I live on Highway 11 in NE ON and every day I am continually amazed about the amount of truck traffic going through. They are not
stopping here. I hold 5% positions in TFII and CNR. I would like to swap a small position in CP and buy MTL or just add it outright. Your thoughts and if I do the latter do you feel that I might be overweight transportations? Great service - thanks.


Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 14, 2021

Q: Good evening,

Im looking to increase my stock holdings in the industrial sector. I currently own HON at 3% and have a small position in XBC (due to recent declines). Id like to add 3 long-term stocks and have identified the following as options: CNR, WSP or J, TFII, XYL, ATA, ROP. I can accept higher risk and would like companies that are leaders or doing something new/innovative in their area. I was also thinking of diversifying within the industrial sector. Im wondering what 3 additions youd pick at this time, either from my list above or others that I may have missed? Im also wondering whether I should add to XBC at this point?

Thank you for great this service!


Read Answer Asked by Lisa on July 09, 2021
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