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Q: Iím trying to form a kind of hybrid of the Hodson and the Buffet approach to investing. Hodson: balanced portfolio. Buffet: a few excellent companies. So I would form a fairly balanced portfolio but be overweight considerably in a few.

Buffet says you are buying a piece of a business; you are not buying a stock. He and Munger donít care about the stock market. They both say you donít need very many stocks, no more than 5 or 6. They also say their approach is not for the average person, who usually doesnít know how to value a business and should just stick to EFFs. Their approach is for someone who knows how to analyze and value a business. Peter Hodson and 5i do know how to analyze and value a business. (And in answers to questions 5i has also said several times that the way to build wealth is to own a small concentrated portfolio.)

On the other hand, 5i is all about building and rebalancing a diversified portfolio, covering all, or almost all, sectors. This approach is more concentrated than an ETF, but not as concentrated as a Buffet/Munger small set of quality companies. I donít know anything about Sees Candy, Geiko, or Coke. But they certainly do.

If Buffet/Munger were looking only at Canadian companies, which few would they want to own? Any size, any sector. Just outstanding businesses.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on March 06, 2024
Q: From reading your recent answers, you like these 4 companies (CNR, CP, TFII and TIH). Would you please rank these 4 companies for growth and rank them again for dividend growth. Which two companies would be your favorite for a combination of growth and dividends for a 5+ year hold? If you can give a brief explanation for the reason(s) over the other 2 companies? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Karen on March 05, 2024
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