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Q: For a long term hold of three years or longer, which one between NTR and ATD.B would you recommend in terms of a combined return (growth + yield)? They are about the same size in market cap now, but NTR has a higher dividend yield while ATD.B is very strong in growth in the past five years. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Victor on July 17, 2019

Q: Hi Folks

your opinion please on the above - looking to start 1/2 positions in my TFSA which I have structured for dividend growth and income. Okay to start a position in each at this time or can you suggest others I can take a look at ? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on July 15, 2019

Q: I am a retired, dividend-income investor with a buy-and-hold strategy that I trim-add around core positions. I am a bit light in the Materials sector.

I have been following MX and NTR. Both screen well on the metrics I use (P/E, P/BV, P/CF, P/S, ROE, dividend, dividend growth, payout ratio and consideration to analyst expectations). If I had to select one, I would give the nod to Methanex although RBC Direct Investing rates NTR better. Five questions:

#1 = For a long term hold, which would you pick?

#2 = Even though I am not a trader, for a rebound potential, which would you pick?

#3 = I use a full weighting of 5% for blue chips (examples, BCE, BNS, FTS, TRP). What weighting would you suggest...I am thinking a half position?

#4 = Both stocks are global companies. Which stock is more susceptible to the current trade wars?

#5 = there a better alternative stock which you like better than MX-NTR?

Five questions...please deduct 5 credits.
Thanks for the great service...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 15, 2019
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