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Q: I am looking to "trim the fat" from my TFSA, which currently holds 20 stocks: ATD, BCE, BMO, BNS, CCO, CM, ENB, FFH, PDYPF, INO.UN, LAS, NXE, NWC, NA, NTR, PEY, PZA, MJJ, TRP, WELL. Are there any positions that raise red flags with you? In addition, could you suggest 3 or 4 value picks suitable for a long-term hold (20 years plus)?
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Sarah on January 14, 2021

Q: Hi 5i ,
I plan to increase my exposure to oil and agriculture. while doing my research, valuations and the RSIs have increased substantially. For example, provides the following Alerts for LUN and TECK.B -"Stochastic Overbought Reversal' which I assume means that a reversal can happen any day. I assume that some holders are likely to take some profit soon. Most of what I have read says that you should wait for the RSI to come down but I also understand that the RSI can remain elevated for some time. Should I wait? or could these sectors be on a tear?
Please advise and thank you for your help

Read Answer Asked by Mary on January 14, 2021
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