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Review of Descartes Systems Group

AUG 27, 2020 - DSG continues to show good retention rates (95%) and its strong position in various niches gives the company a certain level of stability and pricing power. Rating maintained at B+.

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Q: hello 5i team, I am 68 years old. As I get older I like to simplify my portfolios. Above is my CDN holdings. I have a U.S. portfolio of about 15 blue chip companies.
from this list which ones would you keep and which ones to sell? and time frame to sell? now/ 6 months+?
I appreciate your guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on June 16, 2021

Q: I hold a small position in ENGH. Since peaking on Sept 4th at just over $80, it has been in a long steady decline for 9 months, to the low $50's, a drop of about 1/3 of its value. The results just released Thursday night look very weak to me, especially compared to the previous year, although covid helped their video division significantly last year, and the stock is still trading at pretty high multiples, despite the decline in the stock price. I know you have mentioned many times that you feel ENGH is a good long term steady business. Wondering if you still feel this stock is worth adding to, or is it time to sell and move on to something that offers more growth? Or do you still think there is reason to expect good revenue and income growth from ENGH over the next few years? Would you sell ENGH and add to existing positions in NVEI, TOI or DSG? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on June 14, 2021
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