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Review of Descartes Systems Group Inc

JUN 16, 2022 - DSG is a company that tends to benefit from changing environments as companies lean on its technology to navigate uncertainties. We believe DSG shares look attractive at these levels when compared to peers and at a reasonable level compared to its historical valuation when considering its strong profitability, growth, market position, and acquisitive nature. As such, we are upgrading the rating to A-.

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Q: Leaving personal portfolio situations aside...based on current market environment would 5i buy either of these companies at current levels...or do you consider them overbought...and lastly, would you buy one over the other. Let's assume a 12 month time horizon.
Many thanks as always for your great insight.

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Q: Hi - for the above companies, how would you expect them to perform in a recession? Do you expect them to have positive alpha? If not these, could you list a few companies that you would be inclined to buy heading into a recession? (ignoring factors like diversification, personal risk etc etc.).

Read Answer Asked by Douglas on March 17, 2023

Q: My Tech holdings are getting too high, thanks to your good advice. Would you please provide your current ranking of the stocks listed? I've included GOOGL, even though I believe you place it in the comm/serv sector.

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