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Review of Descartes Systems Group Inc

JUN 16, 2022 - DSG is a company that tends to benefit from changing environments as companies lean on its technology to navigate uncertainties. We believe DSG shares look attractive at these levels when compared to peers and at a reasonable level compared to its historical valuation when considering its strong profitability, growth, market position, and acquisitive nature. As such, we are upgrading the rating to A-.

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Q: HI Peter
I have 10,000 cash in my tfsa .I would like to invest in a growth stock that meets the following criteria.
Down 60 to 70 % from highs because of current markets
increasing revenues
low or no debt
Cash on Hand

Please provide me with your recommendations
Thank you


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Q: My portfolio could use some more tech. Would you being buying now or would you be waiting? And which stocks would you be leaning to if buying right now? 3 CAD and 3 US stocks would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Neil on November 23, 2022
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