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Q: Hi, Energy sector has witnessed a sharp sell off last week, with market and decline in Oil prices. Recession worries seem to be growing higher and with ECB sticking to 0.50% rate hike, market seems to be expecting Fed to stay course with its hawkish stance, despite recent turbulence in banking sector. Some large Energy traders are reported to have lightened their positions significantly, early in the week. We as well as most of 5i members are simple retail buy and hold investors and do not have access to advanced tools/money flow and other expertise.

With the recent market backdrop in the sector, and Oil/NG prices flirting with new lows, has your view, in terms of maintaining about 10% weighing in the sector, changed ? Or, do you believe that market concerns are of short term in nature and there is value and a strong case to remain invested in the sector for say, at least 12-24 months ?

Mr. John O'Connell of Davis Rea was on BNN, warning viewers to stay away from the Energy sector, claiming that cost of production of most companies is higher than current prices. (which appears to be a questionable claim). On the other end, there is Mr Eric Nuttal, an expert in the sector with $2 Bln AUM, with completely opposite views.

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 21, 2023
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