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Q: Hi, I currently hold ENB (0.53%), PPL (1.03%), TOU (0.48%), and WCP (0.37%), total of 2.42% of my portfolio. I actually have ENB in my utility sector weighting, which would make my overall energy even lower. Would you consider it 50/50 energy/utility??

I'm looking at slightly increasing my sector weight in energy to maybe 4-5% since its so low (mostly because my current holdings have gone down or I've sold previous energy positions). Energy companies in Canada have been hit so badly its hard to put money back into the sector right now. I know you hold MCR in your portfolio and you like PXT and SU. Based on the current valuations/fundamentals and future potential, should I add to any of my current positions, sell them, or add PXT or SU to the mix?? How would you suggest consolidating these?


Read Answer Asked by Keith on January 13, 2020

Q: Do you consider any of these dividends to be unsustainable? Any other comments on these companies?

Read Answer Asked by James on December 11, 2019

Q: I noticed when comparing both stocks (TDwaterhouse data base),
TOU : EPS =1.65, div/year = 0.48, P/E=7.6, P/CF =2.6
WCP : EPS =0.13, div/year= 0.34, P/E=32 , P/CF =3.2
If both have lots of cash flow, why WCP has much higher P/E than TOU ?, What is WCP doing with its cash ?, Is capex, paying debt, shares buy backs any of the reasons to explain their main difference in earnings? Can I assume that TOU has a better balance sheet and therefore is safer ? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Alejandro on December 02, 2019
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