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Q: Good Morning;

I own 500 shares of TOU. Because I bought them a couple years ago and trimmed as they rose, my dollar cost average on these shares is zero!! This position accounts for 24.5% of my portfolio, but is such a great holding that I am reluctant to sell any of it!!

I know it is a bad idea to become married to a holding, but with the dividend and special dividends this holding is providing, I am reaping approx 10% return this year!! How do I replace that kind of a return, and what would your advice be? Would you consider CWB as a good option for a new position (I own 225 shares of BNS as my only other bank holding.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on December 06, 2022

Q: Hi, How significant is Tourmaline's 15 years long term Export Marketing contract with Cheniere Energy, announced last year, to supply 140,000 mmBtu of natural gas, per day through TC Energy pipeline, commencing January, 2023. It appears that TOU will benefit from international pricing for this business. Does the company also indirectly benefit from the tight and lucrative LNG market, where Cheniere, perhaps has a dominant position ? Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on December 06, 2022
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