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Q: How would you rank these companies in terms of overall growth going forward in the energy sector. I'm currently holding TOU, WCP, TVE and KEL.

Largest position is in TOU at around 3% (+44%) and smaller positions in WCP (+69%), TVE (-9%) and KEL (-14%) . I could add to any of these names. How does TOU compare vs AR in terms of natural gas companies? AR has pulled back in the last year and today it was up close to 9% which I couldn't find any news. I'm thinking of selling some TOU or just starting a new position in AR. I also like that AR is buying back shares, have strong insider ownership, founder operated, strong margins and balance sheet. All metrics seem pretty strong with AR, any red flags that you see? Thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Keith on May 19, 2023

Q: Is there an easy way of calculating the dividend yield if the company issues special dividend during the year. I know the present yield is 1.74%, but what would be the dividend yield if you include the special dividends it has issued during the last year. Or if there is a site that does the calculation for you I would appreciate getting it. Many tnx for all your hard work.

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on May 20, 2023
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