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Review of Enbridge Inc

JAN 24, 2023 - ENB is an industry leader, a regulated monopoly in the utility market in North America. Given the challenging economic environment, management indicates that the company experienced little impact mostly from higher financing costs indicating the phenomenal competitive advantage of the utility business. We believe in ENBs competitive advantage and capital deployment discipline, the company still has a long runway for growth especially when it comes to renewable energy transition, we are maintaining our rating at B+.

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Q: Can you confirm for me if the price of Enbridge (ENB:CA) was above $60 in April 2015 please?

The 10 year ENB:CA chart I see on the 5i website (and on the Stockcharts website) appears to be quite different than the price chart I see in my BMO Investorline (/ Koyfin, the barcharts website, and a quick google search).

First time Ive ever noticed something like this, so Im just confused and wondering which chart is the correct chart to follow? Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Sandra on June 06, 2023

Q: Hello, with the current inflation scene, economy and interest rates, expectations of a pause by Federal Reserve and possibility of a soft landing, what sectors will be your favorites to invest/overweight today with a 5-10 years horizon ? And, in these sectors, what will be your best 3 picks, based on current valuation and future growth, in order, with suggested price levels to buy/add ?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on June 08, 2023

Q: I currently have a portfolio with these six holdings. What would be your current top 5-10 Cdn and/or US buys to diversify the portfolio and put a large cash balance to work for a 5-10 year time horizon with total return as the primary objective

Read Answer Asked by Chris on June 07, 2023
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