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Review of Enbridge Inc

FEB 01, 2022 - Enbridge is a substantial player in the North American energy sector and we believe that ENB is in a good position due to its reasonable valuation and good dividend yield, which can be seen as an attractive option for investors in these volatile times. Rating maintained at B+.

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Q: I can get 5% + annual return to maturity on many triple B+ rated corporate bonds in the 6-8 year time frame. Do you see much risk of default or other issues with corporate bonds with companies like Enbridge, TD, Loblaws, and BCE? (I realize their face value will fluctuate as interest rates go up or down)

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Q: Hi - I held above utility and telecome stocks. With CPI hits 40 years high in Canada, BOC will likely rise 75bps in July. Do you think income stocks will be under pressure as yeild % may not be compelling anymore due to higher GIC rate. Which names would you sale first in a risk off environment?

I value your opinion.


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