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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Following up on my previous question, could you please rank CEG, NPI and CSIQ with the others you mentioned before?

I am contemplating replacing Fortis with a greener utility. I already own BEP. What are your best suggestions please in Canada and the US and their relative risk rankings.

We do like FTS; for other suggestions, we would note: PPL, FE, SO, DTE, H, CU. We would rank these: NEE, SO, H, DTE, FE, CU, PPL

Thank you again, Michael
Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 21, 2024
Q: Hi,

I am contemplating replacing Fortis with a greener utility. I already own BEP. What are your best suggestions please in Canada and the US and their relative risk rankings. Thank you, Michael
Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 19, 2024
Q: Hello Peter,
What is happening to Ivanhoe electric? It is on a downward trend. I am thinking of selling my toi, and lmn, to invest in CSU as everyday i see csu ticking higher. Does this strategy makes sense? Also, with nice dividend history of fortis, why is it still so low whereas hydro one seems to be ticking higher. thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on February 15, 2024
Q: Good afternoon,

Looking for a list of companies with safe , growing dividends and potential for some capital gain - Cdn or American.

Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 14, 2024
Q: My question is what to do with my legacy fixed-income holdings.

I've been holding the above ETFs after being advised by 5i's portfolio analysis services to increase fixed-income holdings. Holdings are in registered accounts at a 25% weight combined.

They have all lost capital value over the past 5 years, however with distributions, they have returned approximately zero or flat over the last 5 years, I view this as a loss due to the inflation over this time.

What would 5i suggest I do with these fixed-income holdings moving forward? Should I hold for ballast or sell and move funds into dividend growers like Utilities or Pipelines eg. FTS, ALA, GEI, TRP, etc.)? The bond investments have put a drag on my investment returns.

Please advise your thoughts and wisdom, Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maury on February 14, 2024
Q: I have a RESP for 3 grandchildren under the age of 11.
Would you please suggest 3 or 4 stocks to add or swap with any in the above group. Would prefer a bit more growth. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Rose on February 12, 2024
Q: Im considering switching from aco.x to cpx to free up cash and maintain total annual dividend amount. Will you please provide opinion regarding the safety of the dividend and long-term capital appreciation. Is there a better company in any sector I should consider at this time to achieve the same objective. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by David on February 12, 2024
Q: I have these companies in my tfsa and and I have $7000 to add. How would you rate them right now.
Read Answer Asked by Mike on February 02, 2024
Q: Hey Guys,

- I'm trying to help out a family member that is 67 years old, that is not financially literate, has no investments, no savings...
- He will be receiving approx $ 80k in an inheritance in the next 6 months...

- He Already blew through a previous inheritance of over $100k in about 3 years

- I am setting up a TFSA Investment/Trading account for him and doing a Financial Intervention , So To Speak to get him Back on track...

- His minimum basic expenses like rent is covered by payments he receives..., But additional living expenses and extra income is what I want to help him with and extend the life of the extra inheritance he will be receiving...

- The listed stocks are the ones I am planning on recommending for him to look at and research...

- Please comment and suggest other stocks and investment ideas to consider for:
- Considering His Age and Small investment of $60k

-Looking for:
- Somewhat Safe/Bit Aggressive Growth
- Preservation of Capital
- Income

***Not looking for total financial planning here, But I'm Looking for Ideas to look at and suggest in this type of scenario...
- You Suggest, I Research further and my relative decides...

Read Answer Asked by michael on January 30, 2024
Q: I recently transferred my employer TFSA account to my trading account, so I now manage my entire TFSA. I have many solid growth names, and have XIU and BNS as a dividend/diversification play.

I am looking for a solid set it and forget it Dividend play to DRIP, and have some share price appreciation for long term.

Would BAM or FTS be your top pick for this type of thing? Can you provide say 7 or 8 of your top picks for dividend growth, business development runway, and a higher dividend? I had considered growing XIU significantly to drip more, since its diversification almost guarantees the set it and forget side of things.

Thanks for all your recent help! I'm definitely ripping through some credits this month. ;)
Read Answer Asked by James on January 24, 2024
Q: From a value perspective, where the current price is compared to it's historical price range and it's future potential, in what order would you add to these equities (NTR, FTS, XIT, XST, ZUT) to reach asset allocation goals?

I understand it is not apples to apples, due to some of the equities are stocks vs ETFs; and some are conservative vs aggressive.

When looking at both the technicals and fundamentals, I would suggest that NTR and ZUT are undervalued and could be earlier purchases, compared to FTS, XIT, XST. Purchases will be spread out over several months.

Your thoughts on the order?


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 23, 2024
Q: Hi 5i, I've held both Fortis and BIP.UN in a registered account for just over five years. I am thinking of selling Fortis and reinvesting the funds into a larger BIP position. When I look at the Fortis return of approximately 7% and dividend yield in comparison with BIP return and yield, BIP appears to win. I like the fact that BIP's business is broader and more global. My current Brookfield family holdings are about 11% of equity holdings so I realize that this move would increase my exposure to Brookfield to about 15%. I know you can't comments on position sizing but would appreciate your thoughts on making such a move. I know Fortis has an exemplary track record in increasing dividends but maybe it's time. Thanks for your service!
Read Answer Asked by Martha on January 23, 2024
Q: hello 5i:
Looking at estimates of Cash Flow (Fastgraphs) for FTS, I see that 2024 is estimated to be 7.69, 2025 is estimated to be 8.08 and 2026 is estimated to be 5.18.
First question is why such a drop off in 2026? A red flag for long term buyers, no?
Second question: how would such a scenario affect dividends/dividend increases?
Third question: how would preferred shares and in particular FTS.PR.K be affected?
Paul L
Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 22, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,

I would like to sell BEPC to benefit from tax loss and buy back in 31 days.

Portfolio includes:
2.5% Fortis
2.5% BEPC
1% PIF

Also have :
2.5% BIP.UN
1% BAM
2% BN

I am retired, like dividends and some growth.

1. Looking for a proxy for BEPC for one month
2. Your suggested mix of Utilities.

( Will probably increase BAM some more.)

3. PIF - I like the dividend but volatile for a utility and hasn't gained SP for many years. I have a small loss. Is the dividend secure? Any reasonable gain anticipated over next year or two for PIF?
Might gains be a little more outsized due to interest rate reductions in next year or so?
Do you think it could be a takeover candidate?
Should I hold this or sell?

Thank you for your usual great advice.
I prefer more rather than less detail. (Subtract as many credits as needed.)
Read Answer Asked by Tulio on January 19, 2024
Q: My son is getting married this year and he and his fiance are planning to purchase a home in the next 2-3 years. He has opened an FHSA acct and invested these funds in a GIC. He also has cash in his RRSP and TFSA accounts that are held at TD Waterhouse Webroker which he wants to use for a down payment on the home as well when the time comes. Could you please give me your top 3 income/savings vehicles and your top 3 dividend stocks (understanding these are riskier) you would recommend he purchase through his TD Waterhouse account in this scenerio.
Many Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Scott on January 10, 2024
Q: Hi Team,
could you rate these companies for a 3-5 years horizon considering I am looking for income and capital preservation but a bit of capital growth would also be good...

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Michel on January 08, 2024