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Q: Charge as many credits as you see least lots. Annually, I follow the O'Shaughnessy system and go through the tedious process of ranking over 90 stocks into deciles. I am screening for stocks that are good value, less volatile and have a good + growing dividend. For value, I use P/E, P/B, P/CF, P/S. For volatility, I use Beta. For dividends, this year I have added 5 year growth % into the process. The resultant summary number is the cumulative of the 7 metrics, with roughly 60% value, 15% volatility and 25% dividend weighting. I then marry this up with a technical screening, using charts with a 200 mda, looking for a rising vs rangebound vs declining chart.

Question 1 = your thoughts on my screening system? I thought of adding in other metrics, but I wanted to keep it relatively simple. Factors such as payout % and ROE can always be a looked at in the next phase. Should I drop any of the metrics if they are redundant?

Most of the stocks screened as expected. However, 3 stocks didn't screen well at all and I am trying to figure out why. It may be that my population of stocks is skewed to value stocks, so if any of the other 3 stocks had growth or REIT characteristics, then they might be seen as outliers.

Question 2 = CSH's fundamentals screened horribly = 10th decile. Could it be that REITs may screen out differently, due to their very nature?

Question 3 =Both PBH and WSP screened poorly = 8th decile. Could it be their fundamental metrics exhibit more growth characteristics?

Question 4 = Reading past 5iR questions on these 3 stocks leads me to believe you are still strongly in favor of all 3. Please confirm.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on December 12, 2018

Q: I think that 3 more increases in interest rates are expected by end of 2019. You commented recently that one of these banks stock dropped due to bad loans. Is the info on bad loans available in the QLY rpts or elsewhere? I understood that the banks generally do well in rising interest rates but will this be offset by fewer mortgages?

Read Answer Asked by Thomas on November 23, 2018

Q: HI there: I am still in comfortable profit margin from investments in the three stocks above. I wonder what you think about taking profits (now 20 % lower for Apple) now and holding some money on the side, or is buying on this dip a good idea. Especially re Apple.

Read Answer Asked by Marjorie on November 21, 2018
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