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Q: Hi, We own above Canadian banks, which makes up the financial sector of our portfolio.

On an YTD basis, interestingly, their performance has diverged significantly, with CM +7%, RY +2.5% and TD -9%. During past 30 days (reflecting impact of recent crisis in financial sector SVB/SB), these names have declined as follows : CM -7%, RY -8% and TD -17%. Does it mean that market is assigning higher risk to TD, relative to its peers ? Does it make one name more attractive than others, and if so why, if we wish to take advantage of the sizable decline in their share prices, and add for long term investment ?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 23, 2023

Q: I'm currently overweight financials. Mainly due to new positions in BN/BAM/TD. With over 21% in financial broken down as follows would you begin to trim or consider BN/BAM diverse enough not to be a financial and thus reducing the overall financials concentration to 13.5%

BNS - 2%
BAM -2%
BN - 4.5% been growing this position (ideally want it to be 6%)
EQB - 1% new position
GSY - 2.5%
JPM - 2.6%
TD - 2.21% new position
Visa - 4.23%

10 year investment horizon.

Your thoughts are appreciated


Read Answer Asked by Don on March 22, 2023
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