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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I intend to use as many losing companies such as above POU, RY, TOU and MG (presently underwater) against a significant amount of capital gains to reduce my taxes for 2023. I will probably buy them back in the new year. What is wrong with this approach? Please explain.
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on December 08, 2023
Q: I seem to recall one of the "Market Masters" saying the time to load up on Financials is after they have been crushed. I know you don't necessarily like the expression "load up" but if you wanted to increase your Cdn bank exposure are there one or two you think stand out as having the biggest bounce potential from here, or would you forget about trying to be right on one or two securities and just buy the ETF if you believe the whole sector might recover from these levels? Thanks for your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on December 01, 2023
Q: Hi Folks,

My RRSP portfolio consists of the above stocks all with relatively the same weighing. Can you suggest 5 names or so, (CDN and U.S) that I take a look at that would complement the above? I am looking for a company that would be a good buy today for both income and capital appreciation - total return.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on November 29, 2023
Q: Hi I am thinking it's time to sell BNS, would it be better to choose another bank or deploy funds to another sector to gain some growth & dividends for a long term holding? Suggestions on other stocks please.
Read Answer Asked by Kim on November 23, 2023
Q: I am starting to plan for year end tax losses taking. Although these companies pay good dividends, I have capital losses greater than the dividend income. Do you have any thoughts on the potential of these companies to recover in 2024.
Read Answer Asked by Nancy on November 08, 2023
Q: I'm looking to invest $60,000 for a minimum of 5 years. This money will be used towards a downpayment for a house. Can you please comment on a split of 50% SPY and 50% quality stocks, such as GOOG, MSFT, SLF, ATD, BN. Also can you please suggest some additional stock ideas that are fairly conservative for a 5 year hold. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Janet on November 06, 2023
Q: Dear 5i
I currently own TD and RY for my financial positions . I was considering buying SLF as an alternative to banks but still considered within the financial sector . Is it worth the diversification or should i just add to my existing bank stocks that i own ?
Also i've recently added HISA and PSA to my portfolio which would probably not be for a long term hold but until interest rates decline considerably from where they are today . My question is, is it possible to have too much cash parked in these type of accounts that should interest rates decline noticeably and quickly , that there would be a liquidity problem ie getting my cash out , should a lot of investors decide at the same time to liquidate their holdings in these type of accounts ?
Bill C
Read Answer Asked by Bill on November 02, 2023
Q: What would consider as a good entry point for each of these and also a price target please.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by John on November 01, 2023
Q: What are your thoughts about this as a US/CDN high yield income portfolio? Any ideas would be appreciated. Please take as many credits as needed.
Read Answer Asked by Gregory on October 18, 2023
Q: Tax Loss selling time is just around the corner and I would like to take advantage of losses I have in above companies. I have some gains this year and I paid taxes on gains for the last 3 years as well.
Would you sell one position only and which one would you suggest. I would like to buy back at the appropriate time as well.
I would appreciate if you could prepare us for this event of tax loss selling and refresh our memories.
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on October 16, 2023
Q: Apparently BMO, CIBC and TD currently have negative amortization mortgages approaching 20%. Do you have comparatives for BNS and RY ? Apparently there is one Canadian bank that is very conservative at less than 6%.
Read Answer Asked by James on October 06, 2023
Q: I have a loss in CM which is matched by an equal gain in TD.
Was thinking to sell both and buying equal amounts of BNS and RY.
All are in a non registered account. Is the tax loss accepted?
Would you recommend any changes back after 30 days?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 03, 2023
Q: In a world where indebted dividend-payers are being stressed by higher rates, how would you rank the following Canadian companies in terms of the sustainability of their dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 03, 2023
Q: We are dividend investors in our late 70ís. We derive most of our income from dividends. Recently we sold about 200,000. Worth of Enbridge and are looking to reinvest. We have short listed some companies above and would like your opinion on them. Also if you have any other suggestions we would welcome your ideas. We are looking for solid companies with a good dividend that also increase their dividends.
Read Answer Asked by Donald on October 02, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,
I've just started following EQB with an eye to getting in.
In the past week all 5 major banks are nicely up (even CM!) as is NA.
Conversely, EQB has had a sharp drop followed by a bit of a bounce, but is down overall.
I realize a week is not long and typically not a period of time from which to draw conclusions. However, the opposite direction of WQB's trajectory to other banks has me confused.
Can you explain why its trajectory over the past week would be so markedly different from other, bigger, names in the sector. Is it a sign of some fundamental weakness that isn't well publicized, is it just one of those short term things that defy explanation, is it due to a difference in its business model that is seen as a weakness, is it size related and is it typical for it to go in the opposite direction than most other names in the sector?
I'd sure like to have better insight into EQB, given its behaviour over the past brief while.
Thanks 5i,
Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 18, 2023