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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good afternoon! There are two parts to this question:
1) You mentioned that BN would recover FASTER than Canadian banks, and given its having dropped more than any of the banks' 5 year highs, would you also say it has MORE upside, regardless of speed of recovery?
2) You mentioned that you see recovery for the Canadian banks, and that buying them is a good idea in the long term. I absolutely agree and have "doubled down" on that basis. However, you stated that you would not hold them at the 30% level of a portfolio. What do you think would be the MOST percentage-wise you would be comfortable with in a 100% stock dividend-payer retiree's portfolio?
Thanks! ... Paul K
Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 31, 2023
Q: Dear Peter et al!

I am not good in coming up with limericks! If I were, I would somehow use Peter/Ryan and TD/BNS/BN in a limerick ! If I said you folks sound like a broken record it would be rude. May I say you sing that lovely tune that consists of notes TD/BNS/BN/RY always! Faithfully endorsing a buy on the above mentioned stocks.

But here is my question based on my mild bewilderment! On one hand your faith in BN is linked strongly to Mr. Bruce Flatt's managerial skills. But on the other hand BNS's CEO didn't meet your approval and you were at best very tepid in welcoming him! TD's foray into the M&A domain was a disaster!

Having said that my faith in your suggestions is unshakable! With this in mind, can you rank order these stocks in terms of priority of buying at this stage. How long do you think one has to wait for these stocks to return to decent price range. a year or two or three? Your crystal ball is lot clearer than mine!!

These are going to be held in our TFSAs and plan to buy and forget about them for a while! Keepers and not traders!

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on May 29, 2023
Q: Do you recommend purchasing any of these banks right now, especially with those with foreign investments?
Read Answer Asked by Ron on May 29, 2023
Q: Can you comment on how much exposure the Canadian banks have to commercial real estate in the US and Canada? It sounds like office towers are of particular concern. Could you also comment on residential mortgage risks. And how much impact it could have on the stock prices.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on May 12, 2023
Q: If I invested in a saving account for my son and daughter in the Royal Bank, Enbridge and Berkshire for 15 years, would this approach work? My daughter is 16 and my son is 14.
Read Answer Asked by Carmelo on May 09, 2023
Q: One source describes RBC and TD banks as having wide-moats; BNS and CM banks it describes as having narrow-moats.

Do you agree?

Is this something that someone who has a concentrated portfolio should especially heed?

All the best!


By the way, I really appreciate all 5i/Cdn $ Svr does. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Roderick Jay on May 08, 2023
Q: Good Afternoon,
I have owned Killam for a while. There has been no appreciable growth or dividend increase. What is the likelihood of either happening. Would I be better off selling Killam and purchasing another stock? If so, what stock would you suggest that would offer some growth and a good dividend. There is no tax implications as I hold Killam in my TFSA.
Thanks in advance for your opinion.
Read Answer Asked by Jane on May 07, 2023
Q: Hi Peter,

Paul Holden of CIBC Capital Markets raised his recommendation of Royal Bank of Canada and National Bank of Canada to outperform. He cited their capital levels, earnings diversification, and lower relative credit risk as the basis for his favourable recommendations.

However, he acknowledged there are risks to that assumption and that central banks could overshoot by tightening too aggressively and thus tip economies into recession; or they could move too cautiously and allow stagflation to take hold.

Holden’s models show the Big Six banks, could see their Fiscal 2023 earnings per share tumble 33 and 31 percent, respectively, in the recession and stagflation scenarios.

“Canadian bank stocks are not being priced for the same economic risks that have already been incorporated into the bond market and U.S. bank stocks. We are not calling for a 2023 recession as our base case, but we cannot simply dismiss that possibility as inconsequential. Our analysis shows there could be (roughly) 30 percent downside should a recession scenario transpire,” he wrote.

Do you agree with Paul Holden’s recommendation concerning the Royal Bank and National Bank as the best of the Big Six banks to own today? Please explain your rationale.

Second, in the event of a recession or stagflation scenario in Canada, do you agree with Paul Holden’s prediction that the Big Six bank stocks will tank by about 30%? Please explain your rationale.



Read Answer Asked by George on May 02, 2023
Q: I am about a 1.5 years away from retirement. Across all my my registered portfolios I have all 5 major banks, pretty well in equal %. An independent financial advisor suggested cutting this back to 2 banks.

My question to you is can to rank these 5 banks in order of what you would consider selling?

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Dino on May 02, 2023
Q: Currently we own MG with the purposes of collecting a dividend and getting some growth. With its current performance, we’re wondering if a RY might be a better choice with a similarly growth/dividend profile? If possible, are there any other MG substitutes (regardless of sector) that you like better?
Thank you for the fantastic product.
Read Answer Asked by Mike on April 27, 2023
Q: Hi, I have a 2.5% position in SCHW (down 25%) and am looking to sell while keeping exposure to the financial sector.

MKTX and CME score highly on my evaluations and others listed are pretty decent too. Curious on your thoughts on a suitable, safe replacement.

This is in my LIRA and I'm looking to hold for 10+ years (was also the case for SCHW, but I'm concerned wrt their exposure from their long term bonds).
Read Answer Asked by Cameron on April 19, 2023
Q: hi group i am looking to increase my % in the 11 stocks (listed) from 2-4% can you list order and price estimate you would target assuming a mild recession Thanks for your guidance
Read Answer Asked by Terence on April 17, 2023
Q: I am an income investor and hold equal weighting in all 5 big banks. I’m looking at the quite larger than normal yield spread between RY and BMO and TD and am thinking of either halving or even fully selling my RY position to add to BMO and TD. Someday when the spreads go back to being much closer, I would likely repurchase RY. Do you see anything wrong with this logic? Would you prefer one of TD or BMO for such a move? Half or full position? I’ve held RY for a long time, thus my little bit of doubt!
Read Answer Asked by Mark on April 17, 2023
Q: Hello,
I have accumulated two large positions in Royal Bank and Fortis inside my TFSA, with the intent of collecting the dividend income stream throughout retirement for 25 years and then cashing them out.
I find myself needing to sell one in order to raise some cash.
Which one would YOU sell? Or sell half of each?
Read Answer Asked by Roman on April 13, 2023