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Q: We have well-diversified Canadian portfolio (~30 holdings) focused slightly toward growth. Across our various accounts we are overweight in the Financial Services sector. We are considering reducing our holdings in the traditional banks, which are currently roughly equal amounts of TD, BNS, BMO and RY.

Putting aside potential taxation issues, given the choice between reducing all the banks by roughly the same amount or reducing the number of banks to 2 or 3, which would you prefer and why? If it's the latter, which banks would you keep and in what order?


Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 13, 2024
Q: Hi 5i
Regarding your answer to my earlier question about BMO....
"Overall, we would stay away from financial institutions with a weak capital base and questionable loan book quality. In a loss scenario, as we saw last year in the regional banking crisis, equity can at times be eroded quickly."
Is BMO in a situation where this is a similiar issue for them?
Read Answer Asked by jim on February 01, 2024
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