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Q: Good morning. I watched your interview with Kornel Szejber from Build Wealth Canada. On it you discussed immunization which was most helpful. You also mentioned that you thought of CNR and CP as set it and forget it stocks. With that train of thought in mind which other canadian dividend stocks would you put in this same category? If I was to purchase 10 dividend stocks to take advantage of the dividend tax credit in my non registered acct which would be my main source of income which stocks should I consider.

Read Answer Asked by Anna on December 01, 2022

Q: I may be incorrectly expecting downward pressure on oil prices given the likelihood of reduced demand from recessionary conditions. As a result I plan on exiting my position in Suncor and moving the funds elsewhere in hopes of capital appreciation. I follow the Balanced Portfolio with a few holdings of some other names you like. Wondering if you could provide a couple of Canadian companies you feel are undervalued right now regardless of sector. Donít need the cash again for 10 years.

Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 22, 2022

Q: The financials segment of my RRIF consists of BMO, BNS, RY with a 25 % total portfolio weighting.
I am looking at selling the 3 and replacing them with HCAL. Believing in the long term growth and security of the Canadian banks , I see this move as providing both higher stock price movement with its 1.25 leverage and higher dividend yield. I see the disadvantages being a nearly 1.00 % MER and greater lose potential in a falling market.
Am I missing any other advantages/ disadvantages ? Would you recommend replacing bank stocks with this ETF and why ?

Read Answer Asked by Derek on November 14, 2022
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