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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I must progressively restructurate a non-registrated portfolio, recovered in early 2022 for self-managing... Here are the percentage of each stock vs all portfolio, and also indications (+/-) if they are at a profit or at a loss on paper. stocks at profit are: BIP.UN (8% of portfolio), CM 5%, DIR. UN 3%, BIPC 1%, BCE 5%, ENB 2%, SGR.UN 1,5%. Stocks at a loss are: BN.PF.D (5% pf portfolio), TRP 1.5%, VET 1.2%.
My objectives are in order: stability, dividends, and some growth if possible.
Some stocks represent a probably too high percentage of the portfolio, I would not sell them “only to rebalance the portfolio” if they are still safe (to avoid non necessary capital gain tax), but I shall sell if they represent a risk. On the other hand, I would not sell stocks with a loss if they respond to my objectives.
I have already balanced a good part of this portfolio with ETF and a selection of stable dividend stocks. Those are the remaining stocks from the original portfolio..
Please give me suggestions for each stock according to objectives as : keep, sell, or sell partly. All of your comments are always greatly appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on January 10, 2023

Q: HI,
sorry for the long list. could you just rate these as a buy, sell, or hold right now. I am a long term investor.

Read Answer Asked by chris on January 04, 2023

Q: The above companies dividend yield is more than 6%. Three of them, BNS, CM, and POW have dropped in price by 20% or higher. BCE has dropped by 8%, and TRP has dropped by 6%. ENB has actually increased in price around 8%. I own all of them. Thinking of adding some Canadian dividend shares. Question is which of these dividends are safe going forward. Can you rank them based on dividend safety. Also, please rank them for potential price gain/loss for 2023. Any other with reasonably good dividend, dividend safety and potential for gain in price.

Read Answer Asked by Naren on January 04, 2023

Q: Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for a wonderful service! I'm looking to purchase six different companies that have preferred shares and would like you to help me pick them. Security of dividend and safety of the companies (staying power) is the top priority here. Therefore if two preferred picks are in the same sector I don't mind as I'm not sure how much diversity matters here.

I currently own TRI and CSU preferred shares and would also like your opinion on them, thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 03, 2023

Q: Last year at about this time I asked you which was the worst perfomrning Canadian bank for 2021. Apparently It was RY and I bought it and it is down 3.3% to this date.

So 2 questions please

1)Which was the best performing Canadian bank stock in 2022 and what was the performance.

2) and which was the worst performing Canadian bank stock for 2022.

I picked up this strategy from your investor Suite article a few years ago and figure I can't go to far wrong following it.

Thanks and Happy New Year


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on January 03, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
I wonder if you could give us some guidance. My wife holds the above in her RSP, with all being more or less a full position except for ENB at 2X, BCE, CM, and SU at 1.5X each and CHR and DXT at .5X each.
She has until the end of 2024 to convert to a RRIF and currently has $40K to contribute to her RSP and has the room for that contribution.
She would like to invest in some different names, or divest/reinvest in those she has, with an eye to maximizing value before the conversion to a RRIF and to continue thereafter. She's not asking for much - just safety, capital appreciation and income ...!
Based on this info, can you offer any thoughts on new names to add or which of the existing to either pull back on, or dump entirely if that extreme measure seems warranted?
Thank you 5i, and we wish you all an excellent holiday season.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 20, 2022

Q: hi,
following up on question/answer on CM recently. you mention CM has a way of getting into trouble eg 1990's. are you saying you see trouble in CM specifically somewhere now? excluding dividend, CM is up 15$ over 10 years( 37%), and over 5 years CM is down 3$ and change(-7%). BNS is up $10 over 10(16%), down 14$ over 5(-16%). at least over these specific time frames, CM "outperformed". depends on timing for sure. but I am curious about your comments? do you have faith in the CM CEO?? is there a wave of loan losses coming??
I own both presently.
cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on December 14, 2022

Q: CM is approaching a 52-week low following disappointing quarterly financial results. On the other hand, it is one of the big six banks with a ~6% dividend that it just increased. All things considered, is CM a bargain that should be picked up for a long term hold? Or, would it be better to buy a slightly better performer like BNS that is also value priced and offers a similar dividend.

Read Answer Asked by Jean on December 14, 2022

Q: I realize this stock has been beat up. looking to add a bank stock. Looking for a dividend stock for the long term. Should move on it now or wait until the dust settles. Or the other bank I'm considering is BNS. It's been the laggard for a while.
Looking forward to your comments.

Read Answer Asked by David on December 06, 2022

Q: I have equal weight positions inT, BCE, TD, BNS, LB and SLF, primarily for income. Have a nice capital gain with SLF and the others are treading water. Planning to sell SLF and redeploy to CM and ENB for the higher income. Your thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Jean on December 06, 2022

Q: Hi,
Having a position in AQN that is now underwater, I am wondering about selling it as well as two bank holdings that have a total profit equal to AQN's loss with the idea that I can use the proceeds to purchase another bank stock or two, top up ENB holdings, or something else you might recommend. All three holdings are in taxable accounts. Open to suggestions, as I have the sense that waiting to see how AQN does from here appears to be more risky than moving on. Your thoughts on this idea would be most appreciated!


Read Answer Asked by Dawn on November 14, 2022

Q: Which Canadian Banks or near banks have the least exposure to investment banking and other capital markets?

Read Answer Asked by Murray on October 24, 2022

Q: Good Morning,

Thank you for the ongoing sage commentary.

Would you mind providing 3-4 dividend stocks with growth potential that are cheap at the moment?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Delbert on October 24, 2022

Q: Do you have any feel for commodities, specifically Oil and Copper, over the next six months to a year?
I would like to hide in some dividend-paying stocks.
Capital retention and some dividend gain is the goal right now.
With that in mind, I feel like this might be a good opportunity to buy Canadian banks, for the long haul and oil and commodities shorter term.
I would appreciate your opinion on my theory and these securities.
As well, any ideas you have would be great.


Thanks for the fabulous service and please use as many credits as necessary.

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on October 24, 2022

Q: Hi 51,
Thanks for your thoughtful answer to my question earlier this morning asking which sectors you expect to recover more quickly, and for some names you like in each.
The names you listed in the two sectors you identified (tech and consumer discretionary) were all US companies. Do you see the same sector recovery pattern being followed in Canada, and can you provide some Canadian names in the sectors you like that you would expect to 'lead the charge'? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 13, 2022

Q: Hi, CDN Banks continue to get hammered everyday, with CM taking the biggest one day hit at 4.2%. Not sure, if it's all the investors' fear about recession hitting the banking sector hard, specially to more " Canadian " Banks, like CIBC, due to large mortgage and personal lending book. We are in a Capital Loss situation with BNS and CM in our Non regd account. Does it make sense to book the loss and wait for signals from BOC/FED to re enter the positions. What is your belief on CDN bank earnings - Could it hit the stock prices even more ? Never thought that a 20% ownership in CDN banks could cause pain. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on October 12, 2022