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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: These 4 'blue chip' stocks (BCE, TRP, ENB, BNS) pay healthy dividends, but basically are trading where they were 10 years ago. If you were to look out 5 years, how would you rank them best to worst, in terms of how much their share price will increase from today....Thanks...Glenn
Read Answer Asked by Glenn on February 21, 2024
Q: Good Day. Could you please classify the listed stocks into their appropriate GICS sectors? Thank you kindly.
IGE: iShares North American Natural Resources ETF.
Read Answer Asked by Toge on January 30, 2024
Q: Hi Team,
I have a position in PPL and would lean towards switching to TRP since I see more growth in the name at the current valuation.

I owned ENB in the past mostly for its high dividend yield. Would you favor a switch in TRP or ENB and why?

Thank you !
Read Answer Asked by Michel on January 19, 2024
Q: Hi Folks,

My RRSP portfolio consists of the above stocks all with relatively the same weighing. Can you suggest 5 names or so, (CDN and U.S) that I take a look at that would complement the above? I am looking for a company that would be a good buy today for both income and capital appreciation - total return.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on November 29, 2023
Q: Good morning,

My intention is to move some US $ from my US Non Registered account to my CDN $ Non Registered account through a journal transfer.

I just sold a US ETF and with the proceeds purchased TRP.US

Q1. Are the TRP.US dividends paid in US $ or CDN$?

Q2. Do the TRP.US dividends generated in the US Non Reg Acct qualify for the Canadian Dividend Tax Credit?

Q3. Can I simply call my TD Direct Investing broker to move TRP.US from my US Non Reg Acct to my CDN Non Reg acct?

Thank you and I'll await for your response to these three questions.
Read Answer Asked by Francesco on November 15, 2023
Q: Two companies in different sectors. My intent is to adjust my weightings. Which company:

- Has the most favourable debt situation (acknowledging that TRP is a bit different being utility-like) ?

- Has the best total return potential in the long term?

- Has the best moat if it exists?

- Can withstand the present rate environment better - assuming rates donít drop any time soon.

Read Answer Asked by James on October 26, 2023
Q: Could you please give me your top five dividend aristocrats. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Anne on October 11, 2023
Q: In a world where indebted dividend-payers are being stressed by higher rates, how would you rank the following Canadian companies in terms of the sustainability of their dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 03, 2023
Q: Several analysts during the last couple of weeks recommended on BNN either sell or don't buy TRP.
Can you please comment whether, in your opinion, TRP is a hold or sell ?
Will you recommend averaging down at this level ?
Will also appreciate any comments on the sustainability of the dividend.
Looking at the insider buying/selling information of my discount broker I do not see any substantial ownership by senior management. Can you confirm this ?
Please deduct as many credits as necessary.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on September 29, 2023
Q: Could you comment as to who is the owner of the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline and which companies should benefit the most when the pipeline is complete. Also which company owns the LNG terminal that will ship the liquified gas to offshore destinations. When is the projected date of the first shipment from the LNG terminal. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Michael on September 07, 2023
Q: These are my wife's holdings in her non-registered account. Held these for very long time. EMP.A I bought for her maybe 5 years ago when down a lot. Sitting on a fair bit of cash. Thinking of adding to banks at some point (recession?) or adding BCE and EIF? T is small holding at 2000 shs. Comments/suggestions please. Oh, own ETF ZUE for quite a while also. RRSP has other banks +++
Read Answer Asked by James on August 29, 2023
Q: If you had $20,000 to invest today for and Income with some growth investor in an otherwise well diversified portfolio, what would you pick or just add to?
Read Answer Asked by Martin on August 28, 2023