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Q: I hold the above equities. I have additional funds to allocate. Your suggestions please. Take this opportunity to thank Peter for a great job, very reliable.
I would not want to add to my positions in ECN.PR.A , ENB, PNG ,& LSPD because of weighting’s and/or risk.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on February 12, 2020

Q: With the world feeling a little uneasy about a pending recession, I want to keep only holdings that will weather a downturn. I'm not trying to time the market, and want to hold stocks, that while they may dip, have good balance sheets, good management, and will likely see a recovery. Others I will sell and hold the cash. Above are my current holdings. Do you see any that may be susceptible to excessive weakness in a recession and would therefore meet my sell criterion? Thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Kim on August 27, 2019

Q: 7:42 AM 3/25/2019
I am looking to invest in 10 or 12 of these companies for a very long time: RY, CM, BNS, CNR, SU, CNQ, NTR, ET, NWC, FTS, EMA, NPI, AQN, BIP.UN, BEP.U, ENB, TRP, PPL.

I am concerned to select companies with the highest probability of surviving a severe recession intact while continuing to sustain or increase dividends over the next 10+ years.

I fear some may have too much debt or other "hidden" problems to survive a major downturn so could you please comment on debt levels and vulnerability.

Could you please arrange them in order of "security of income", safest first, and maybe single out any weak ones. I am not overly concerned about future price fluctuations as long as dividends can be sustained.

I quite realize these are not the same as government bonds and do not have the same levels of safety. I intend to hold them purely for rising income with no intention of selling.
Thank you............. Paul K

Read Answer Asked by Paul on March 25, 2019
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