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Q: Sold half my position in VET in the mid $33 back in summer and I wish I would have sold the whole part. Looked at VET's Q3 report and it seems that it is the threat of a European "excess profit tax" that has pummeled the stock lately and I understand why and think the sell down is warranted. But the way I understand it there could be a unseen upside in VET in Q1 of 2023 when the VET's purchase of Shell's portion of the Corrib gas plant is completed. According to VET all of the 2022 Cash flow from Corrib should go to VET. When that cash flow is added to VET's income statement could they restate their 2022 earnings to the upside? I am not sure how this works but it seems to me that there is some 'hidden' earnings in VET that can not be realized until the sale of Shell's position to VET is officially completed. One thing we know is that Corrib definitely made money in 2022. Could the increased earnings from Corrib be enough to counter the Euroean excess profit tax. Long question and I hope you understand what I am trying to get at.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 15, 2022
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