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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Would you finally pull a plug on ADW.A:CA since its value has been relentlessly going south ? Your hopes expressed in May 2023 report have not materialized in the stock valuation. Having lost over 50% of its value in my portfolio I am not longer optimistic about it recovery in foreseeable future.

Read Answer Asked by Miroslaw on September 26, 2023

Q: hi. I am down on CSW, and am thinking of selling and locking in the tax loss, and immediately picking up ADW. do you see more capital gain potential in one versus the other? what do you feel is the better investment now?cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on June 24, 2023

Q: What are your views on Peller's most recent earnings? To me, they look horrible, and I'm wondering if I should just salvage my tax loss and move on. That said, the price is probably at the lowest of the low. How much patience should one extend to the turnaround possibilities?

Read Answer Asked by Randy on June 19, 2023

Q: Unfortunately I am down over 50% on all these stocks (held in my TFSA). I am “cleaning house”.
Please give your opinion as to whether any have the potential to recover and are worth holding for a bit longer.
Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on June 02, 2023

Q: I'm down 50%+ in these positions in a registered account with a 5-7 year time horizon. Which of these would you suggest I sell and which would you consider holds? Please offer better alternatives in the same sectors for the sells. thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Chris on February 27, 2023

Q: Regarding ADW, back in February you indicated you would be fine holding for a while and that the worst was possibly over. At that time, the stock price was between $7.00 and $8.00 from Feb 22 to Mar 22. What are your thoughts now that stock price is in the $ 5.00 range ? Should I continue to hold until the next earnings release (I am getting the ~ 5% dividend which is some help). What are expectation for next earnings and at what point do I cut my losses and move on (how bad would earnings have to be) ??

Read Answer Asked by Randy on November 01, 2022

Q: Hi team,
I have been a long term holder of ADW and overall with dividend and trimming at prior highs will come out just above par with this holding, which is not desired for multi year, but a nice learning experience for me.
I am thinking of selling and splitting between tc energy, sun life and alphabet. The first two for greater yield play, and all three on the belief that on positive macro news all will perform better relative to ADW (small cap, debt level, your B rating, consumer lag on discretionary).

Thanks for your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Allan on October 03, 2022

Q: I am currently down on the following stocks and etf's and am considering buying more in order to average down. Are there any of the following that you would not purchase at this time?

Read Answer Asked by James on August 11, 2022

Q: It has been said that one should expect 1/3 of your stock selections to meet your expectations, 1/3 to exceed and 1/3 to fail. It's been quite a while since I have experienced the last one....real believer in asset allocation and position size.

I bought ADW.A in my TFSA at $10, then $9 then $8 building up a position. It is now at $6. Fortunately it is a small position, which was bought thinking it looked ripe for a reasonably quick rebound. Ummm....not! Also in my TFSA is PLC, XIT and NNRG.

In the spirit of "water the flowers and pull the weeds", I am thinking of flushing the wine and redeploying the proceeds....adding to existing positions in NNRG (sooner) and XIT (later). As both NNRG and XIT skyrocketed I took partial profits, so I see this as a win-win, adding back in at lower prices and working towards an improved asset allocation.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 27, 2022

Q: Wonder if you could update your thoughts on Andrew Peller. Am a long-time shareholder (>25y). Company is profitable, good yield (~4.3%), great properties (and all 4 properties I visited in Ontario this past weekend were quite busy). Why do you think it's trading near 52-week low (and near 7-yr low)? Usually, alcohol-related companies tend to weather recessions (and recession worries) well, but this does not appear to be the case with ADWa/ADWb. Thoughts?


Read Answer Asked by Ted on June 27, 2022

Q: I would like to get your thoughts on ADW.A today. I am down ~35% and there seems to be no investor confidence in this stock. It should be a reopening idea which should start performing as we are lifting restrictions. Would you add to a position or has the stock has become a falling knife.
Also, I have heard Peter suggest it is not when to buy a stock it is knowing when to sell. What criteria would you use to determine a sell?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Mike on February 24, 2022

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor who usually has ALL of my cash at work. I am currrently sitting on roughly 2.5% cash and am considering topping up the above holdings to achieve my asset allocation targets.

Q#1 = Assuming a diversified portfolio, if I wanted to deploy my remaining minor amount of cash, in what order would you spend it and why?

My view is as follows:
First = PBH and WSP (good value right now = fundamentals and technicals look good, if you ignore the death crosses).
Second = ZRE (should do ok in a rising rate environment?).
Third = XIT (wait until at least the first interest rate increase has happened?).
Last = ADW.A (may need another quarter or two to get past the Covid impact).

Q#2 = or should I continue to sit on this cash if you think there are better opportunities coming in the future. It's not as if this minor amount of $ is going to make a huge impact on future performance.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 31, 2022

Q: I have a small position in these companies, can you rate them a Buy, sell or hold.
Take as many credits as required. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 18, 2022