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Q: Hello Peter and team
What are the PE ratios for Nuvei and Shopify? Could you please provide your view on Greenlane Renewables and Ballard Powers recent results?

Read Answer Asked by umedali on March 15, 2022

Q: So I'm trying to decide what to do with all my positions that are less than 2% of my portfolio. Both LSPD and BLDP are (1.4% and 1.06%, respectively) and I need to decide if I top up to 2%+ or dump them. Remarkably, I'm up 50 and 60% on both.

I've got my own opinions on what to do, but value 5i's input to these sorts of things. Are these stocks worthy of doubling down on, or should I move on?

Note that I still like the spaces these two operate in, so if you suggest I move on, please recommend a replacement for each.


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on November 22, 2021
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