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Review of Real Matters Inc

MAR 19, 2021 - REAL’s long-term growth is still moving in the right direction and continues to grow market share. We still think
long-term investors can see strong upside potential from here given the valuation and fundamentals. Rating maintained at ‘B+’.

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Q: I'm looking at the rebound in these tech and consumer discretionary stocks and wondering whether you have a preference for some of these companies over others. Could you please rank your favourites based on risk/reward to buy now, and would you recommend trading any to exchange for others? I have holdings in most.

Thanks for your thoughtful review.

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Q: These are the 4 losing stocks in my long term hold portfolio. I am considering to sell them because I start to doubt my original thesis of owning them. Please rank in selling order if a better buying opportunity becoming available. Thank you. Bill.

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