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Q: This company has been on my radar for quite some time. Despite major enhancements to the manufactured product, unlimited pattons, dealerships throughout the world, & attracting major investors, most notably Eric Sprott, the company continues to struggle to get those products out to Market! I fully understand that Covid has contributed to some interruption. Studies keep showing that there is a desperate need for such a product in todays market place. Just looking at financial results for year ending 31/12/21 is both mind blowing & simply difficult to understand! Would really appreciate your comments on the latest financial results and your assessment on where you see this company going! Thank You in advance.


Read Answer Asked by Stan on April 05, 2022

Q: Hi
I am having difficulty knowing when to cut my losses and sell my shares or hang on and hope they go back up. Can I please have some advice regarding when to sell shares at a loss? I have included my four biggest losses and wondering if I could get some advice on which of the following I should cut my losses and sell.
Thank you
APLI purchased in Sep 2020 for $1.21, now down 90%
DYA purchased in Feb 2020 for $1.23 now down 80%
MRS purchased in April 2021 for $0.65 now down 56%
FVI acquired for $6.90 when Fortuna Silver merged Roxgold (ROXG) jul 2021 now down 40%
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by fiona on December 14, 2021
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