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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: hi, looking at your model growth portfolio, all these entities are down in share price. are they all a buy today? any a sell? any other growth equities in the portfolio you like better than these listed right now? and are there any CDN growth equities not in the portfolio you like better than these ( eg ?LMN etc. )

Read Answer Asked by chris on September 18, 2023

Q: Hi 5i Team - In an answer to a recent question re Illumine you mentioned that many other advertising companies are doing better and posting improved guidance. Could you provide the names of a few of these along with what would be your top two or three picks in this field. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on September 18, 2023

Q: I know you hold this company in the Model Growth Portfolio. I have a small holding and it is down around 70%. My plan was to continue to hold and hope it improves as the macroenvironment improves. With the stock price so low now, I hope it has hit bottom. On the other hand, I do need some losses this year to offset gains. I assume by tendering my shares via the auction, I can avoid any broker fees? What are your thoughts on continuing to hold versus tendering shares via their auction?

Read Answer Asked by Kim on August 10, 2023

Q: These 9 companies are the holdings in a growth oriented Canadian TFSA. The intent was for them to be long-term holds. However, NVEI, ILLM and LSPD are all down over 50% and some so rejigging is being considered.

Would you consider any of them to be a SELL?

Of the 9, which 2 would you be least inclined to keep in the portfolio and why? Please suggest potential replacements.

Please rate (1-10) the remaining 7 for additional money today.

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 03, 2023

Q: I have this in my TSFA account. Should I sell it? If so what stock should I replace it with?


Read Answer Asked by Linda on July 27, 2023

Q: Hello 5i.

Would appreciate your thoughts on ILLM:CA latest earnings.

It seems as though every quarter they are boasting about illumin's success/growth. Yet their revenue has remained relatively flat since 2020, which leads me to believe they are only able to convert existing customers rather then attracting new clients. I do not consider that to be "world changing" as the CEO seems to imply.

Have held the company for a few years now and I am now considering selling my current position at a loss.

Would appreciate your assessment and If you believe there are better opportunities out there your replacement ideas.

Thanks again as always. Appreciate the service.

Greg C.

Read Answer Asked by GREGORY on May 12, 2023

Q: I’m significantly underwater on these stocks. Can you please advise which ones you’d hold, and which ones you’d sell? Can you please also give 5 growth stocks in Canada and 5 in the US that you are high on right now in place of the above?

Read Answer Asked by Eric on May 08, 2023

Q: In response to a recent question about TCS, you said “We would be comfortable adding to the position given the recent weakness in share price.”

Would you sell ILLM to buy more TCS, which I already own, or add to GOOGL, which I also own and which I know you like, or would you stick it out with ILLM?

I have held ILLM for a long time, and don’t want to sell if it has more potential than the other stocks mentioned. But I would hate to see a tech rally over the next few years while ILLM sits on the side lines. Do you think the recent ticker symbol change could be signalling a forthcoming change in strategy?

Read Answer Asked by David on April 26, 2023

Q: could you give us your case for PERI,as you seem to like it.
Why is PERI so much more compelling then for example APPS or AT?
Wouldn't you think advertising budgets decline in times of a recession?
It might be apples to oranges,but if having only one choice between INMD,AXON and PERI,which one would you pick?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on April 25, 2023