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Review of Knight Therapeutics

APR 01, 2017 - Pharmaceutical company focused on later stage commercialization of drugs. Lots of cash on the balance sheet, strongly performing loans and being one of the only performers in Canadian healthcare justify a rating upgrade to 'A-'.

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Q: Knight, Celestica and Lundin Mining are all trading at close to 1:1 price to book (per the Globe). Is that meaningful at all for any of these companies? Is it a "value" indicator that suggests better days may be ahead? Your thoughts, please. With thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on December 12, 2017

Q: Cipher is improving and the stock is trending up. With that being said, Knight looks better for the long term if they ever deploy their cash hoard. I currently have a half position in Cipher where a tax loss can be harvested. Take the tax loss and top up my position in Knight while it's down?

Read Answer Asked by WAYNE on December 08, 2017

Q: I have been watching CZO CLR GUD NLN PLI and GPS for some time and I am considering buying into some of these Companies at these current low prices. I have 2 questions. a) Are the fundamentals sound?? and b) How would you rank them for mid term growth. Thanks for your considered opinion

Read Answer Asked by Bob on December 08, 2017
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