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Review of Knight Therapeutics

AUG 27, 2020 - After a lengthy waiting period for investors, GUD finally closed a large deal in the last quarter of 2019, albeit in a non-traditional way. For patient investors, the potential growth remains while holding a company that provides stability through a large cash position. Rating maintained at ‘B+’.

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Q: I apologize for bringing up GUD, however there seem to be quite a few people waiting to jump on this stock. (I just did)
I have noticed as the price erodes there is a buyback, insider purchase or indication of possibly something coming up; creating a small flurry of buying until it deteriorates again.
This stock has been kept in the BE because of the co. strategy/positioning, cash position and track record of the CEO.
The CEO has stated you invest in GUD for your grandchildren -so the focus is on the business and not headlines or announcements.
It seems to me the insider/corporate buying is a signal to be patient - that they aren't asleep but are investing their own money and retained earnings back into GUD because it makes good business sense.
I can't imagine propping up the price for any other reason(please confirm).
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Delbert on January 21, 2021

Q: Recently in response to questions, 5iR provided  target sector weightings for a dividend conservative portfolio and also for a balanced portfolio.
For my income portfolio, with a target sector weight of 10% for Communications, I have a position of 3.50% in BCE and, for health care, with a target sector weight of 10%, I have no positions. What are some Cdn and US stocks and ETF, even in Cdn dollars, would you suggest I consider.

When it comes to the balance portfolio, the communication target sector weight of 5%, I have at position of 3.00% in Telus and in the case of health care, with a target sector weighting of 10% (say in US stocks), I hold no positions. Again, what are some US stocks and ETF, even in Cdn dollars, would you suggest I consider.

Yes this is two questions in please deduct two credits............Again, Thanks........Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on January 19, 2021

Q: Thanks for all your excellent work. Having recently moved to the US and opted to convert my young-ish Nova Scotia pension account to an RRSP and a LIRA, I’m looking to invest the ~100k in these accounts. Horizon: at least 5 years, but probably much more (I’m 40). Having narrowed down a tentative list of names (see below – tech-heavy, I realize), and with a focus on growth, I’m hoping to sort out the best buying strategy. Specifically: (1) At this moment, does the conventional wisdom to buy each stock gradually makes sense to you as good rule of thumb (e.g., over the course of a year, for each stock, adding a quarter of the total intended position once every few months or so)? (2) Also: I’d greatly appreciate seeing a ranked list of, say, which five of these stocks you think it would be especially wise to start with (i.e., buy now, or buy more of sooner) and which five you think I should wait to buy. Feel free to dock me for two questions! Thanks a ton, Chris


Read Answer Asked by Christopher on January 16, 2021
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