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Q: Hello friends,

Still not sure how to handle NBLY's CVRs. Since they landed in my RRSP account, my broker gave me two options: to sell the security or to transfer it out.

My question though is, if I transfer them out, do I still need to sell them explicitly sometime in 2026 or they will transform (hopefully) into $0.61 per share automatically?

Many thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Iulian on April 16, 2024
Q: Hi,
Our NBLY pharmacy shares were bought out and cash received. In our TFSA we now have shares of Neighbourly Pharmacy Inc temp with a purchase price of 24 cents per share with a total value of $168. I got a letter from itrade indicating these shares cannot be in a registered account subject to 50% penalty. Can you please help me understand what these new shares are?
Read Answer Asked by KERRI on April 15, 2024
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