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Review of Enthusiast Gaming Holdings

APR 18, 2023 - With EGLX's negative operating results, we think the path to profitability now becomes much longer
than expected. We also think there are other attractive opportunities in the current market that we would prefer to place our focus on. As such, we are dropping coverage on Enthusiast Gaming Holdings (EGLX).

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Q: Question, analysts -- this comes out of a little frustration. I trade on TD Waterhouse and today wasn't able to get this questioned answered by TD. Analyst Scott Buck of H.C. Wainwright has just changed his potential price for EGLX to $1.36. Prior he had this crazy speculative stock at a huge multiple. TD Waterhouse ranks him in the top of the class on todays main trading page for this pick. He as well has MOGO @ $10.86, while it trades at $1.88 Buck apparently has an average net return on his analysist picks of -10%. For an average investor, how the heck is Buck visible and relevant?!? Why would a company like TD give him a high rating & such great exposure?
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on April 04, 2024
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