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Review of Questor Technology

NOV 22, 2016 - Clean air technology company with interesting products but it has simply become too small and volatile for most investors. Discontinuing coverage at a 'C' rating.

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Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I have to sell one of these stocks to meet my RIF withdrawal obligation for 2023. I have owned them all for years...CET is down; QST down more; QTRH up slightly. Of course since it is a RIF account there is no tax loss credit. So if you had to sell one...what do do think would be the best choice. Thanks for your opinion which is always objective and sobering which helps in my decision in which I take full responsibility.
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on January 29, 2024
Q: Questor QST is at 52 week lows and still can't seem to get an traction with their sales or rental of equipment that burns waste methane emissions. The CEO was ousted and then quickly reinstated. I understand that she got a termination settlement and then a signing bonus when she came back. If so is true then the BOD is really a bunch of clowns posing as buiness people. The auditor has also been switched, Does this happen oftem? I still have a small holding in this loser company. I don't think I will sell before 2024 in case tax loss selling is driving the the share price even lower, but I think it is time to run from this dog of a stock. 5i used to kind of like this company. What is your opinion now?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 19, 2023
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